• unlocking-the-one-trillion-dollar-sustainable-innovation-opportunity

    Unlocking the One Trillion-Dollar Sustainable Innovation Opportunity

    January 12, 2017 | By: | In: Life Cycle Processes, News

    Last week Unilever announced research showing that one-third of consumers now purchase its brands based on their good social and environmental performance, but went on to suggest that brands are missing an opportunity from not promoting sustainability effectively. Getting this right could unlock a further $1trn market opportunity for sustainability innovators.

  • unilever-open-innovation-model

    Unilever’s Open Innovation Model Fundamental to Achieve Sustainable Growth

    March 30, 2012 | By: | In: News

    Global FMCG player Unilever has launched a new online platform which offers experts the opportunity to help the company find some of the technical solutions it needs to achieve its ambition of doubling the size of its business while reducing its environmental impact. Unilever has a long track-record of collaborating with partners to develop products, but it’s the first time that its research projects have been shared so publicly in an open forum.