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  • Red One: a blue ocean in the cinematographic camera industry

    Red One: a blue ocean in the cinematographic camera industry

    October 4, 2013 | By: | In: Strategies

    In 2005, Jim Jannard (founder of Oakley) set up a company called RED Digital Cinema, with the specific aim of creating a ultra-high definition digital camera which would be as good as the 35 mm film cameras. This very successful strategic move that changed the 100 year-old cinematographic cameras industry is analyzed here through the logic of Blue Ocean Strategy – a theory grounded in the concept of value innovation.

  • sustaining-processes

    Social Product Innovation Challenges: Sustaining Processes

    April 19, 2012 | By: | In: Blogs

    A couple months ago I laid out the framework for the most common challenges companies face as they get started with their social product innovation initiatives. The most common challenges fall into five main buckets – strategy, people and culture, business processes, technology and sustainability. So let’s take a deeper look at typical sustainability challenges and some ideas for overcoming them.

  • characteristics-of-winning-communities-for-social-product-innovation

    Characteristics of Winning Communities for Social Product Innovation

    March 21, 2012 | By: | In: Blogs

    Internal and external communities can bring real value to your organization by providing ideas and feedback for the innovation pipeline. Amy Kenly takes a look at several leading practices companies should consider when managing or participating in these communities.

  • social-product-innovation-predictions-2012-and-beyond

    Social Product Innovation Predictions for 2012 and Beyond

    January 26, 2012 | By: | In: Blogs

    My last few blog posts have detailed some of the common challenges around social product innovation and the steps companies can take to overcome them. With today’s post, I want to take a brief break from discussing challenges and talk about some predictions for social product innovation in 2012.

  • social-product-innovation-business-processes

    Social Product Innovation Challenges: Business Processes

    December 30, 2011 | By: | In: Blogs

    Recent data from the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) shows a sharp rebound in planned R&D spending. After the past few years of operating with reduced budgets and staff, companies are finally starting to make the R&D investments they need to ramp up the innovation and product development activities that will help them achieve their growth goals.