• IMse - How will Brexit Impact on UK Inventors

    How Will Brexit Impact on UK Inventors?

    May 24, 2018 | By: | In: Organization & Culture

    While there’s a great deal of speculation concerning the potential impact of Brexit, there’s very little clarity about how leaving the EU will influence specific firms and marketplaces.

  • InnovationManagement - Six Key Innovations Changing the World’s Future

    Six Key Innovations Changing the World’s Future

    April 3, 2018 | By: | In: Strategies

    Innovation has taken the world today by storm, leading to the development of new solutions to problems that humans have inherently faced. Since virtually every sector of life on Earth meets with some form of challenge, these innovations have touched on every aspect, including medicine, science, engineering and social life.

  • sewing-machine-pattern

    A Look Back at Three Innovations that Have Changed Our Lives

    April 4, 2017 | By: | In: Enabling Factors

    Nowadays, the words “innovation” and “creativity” get thrown around a lot in the business and academic world. But the road to making successful innovations is filled with challenges, opportunities taken or missed, and plenty strikes of luck. Often, people invent machines to face a recurrent problem. These inventions, in turn, spawn other inventions and innovation. These types of inventions have the most impact on society. Here’s looking at three inventions that have changed our lives forever.

  • bringing-tech-science-closer-to-people

    Over 650 Projects Submitted to Campaign Bringing Tech&Science Closer to People

    February 6, 2017 | By: | In: News

    Over 650 submitted projects from all over the world, over 70 international partners including UNESCO, governments, NGOs and media – these are the first facts and figures from the Bringing tech&science closer to people campaign, launched in November 2016. All the best projects were officially presented on last week, the effect is mind-boggling.

  • Innovation and Culture – Two Halves of the Same Coin

    Innovation and Culture – Two Halves of the Same Coin

    October 31, 2013 | By: | In: Organization & Culture

    There would be few organisations that did not cite innovation as a desirable quality in their workforce, whether as part of the whole organisational culture, or critical in one area. Over the past five years, with businesses being buffeted by economic storms, finding sources of innovation can be the difference between success and failure.

  • Innovation Management from around the web

    A Nation of Tinkerers: Crowd-Funding Turns American Amateurs Into Inventors

    July 11, 2012 | By: | In: Around the Web

    The Internet has enabled and boosted the amateur impulse worldwide. But American amateurism has its own color and feel. It nurtures a culture where innovation, like self-governance, can be accomplished by everyday people in their spare time. As Kickstarter has shown, crowd-funding is ideally suited to helping just these sorts of hobbyist-inventors.