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    Customer Research and Consumer Delight

    January 27, 2016 | By: | In: Creative Leadership

    Unmet consumer needs are considered the holy grail of product and service innovation: a mystical, sacred entity with unlimited value and powers for those that know how to tap into it. It would seem that with present day digitalization and social media, it is easier to connect to users everywhere through online surveys, platforms, and data mining technology. Moving from a mass-producing economy to one based on individually tailored products suggests that the gap between consumer needs and producer response are closely aligned. Yet the mystique surrounding unmet user needs remains.

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    “ 我喜欢设定字体,我喜欢撰写代码,我喜欢解决问题、面对挑战……

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    如果你在 google中搜索在中国或美国的工作满意度,出来的结果无一例外——“不满意”、“只有 6%的中国劳动者表示对他们的工作上心”、“ 80%的美国年轻人( 20~ 30岁)表示不愿继续从事当下的工作”……

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    年轻的英国设计师Peter Smart 用五十天时间,在欧洲旅行2517英里,发现并尝试解决五十个日常生活中的设计问题。他以24 小时为一个周期,观察、思考、提出解决方案,并据此制作了“50天50个挑战” 网站(。Peter Smart以设计挑战自我,创造独特的人生体验。他的思考也为“设计思维”的学习提供了启发。

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    D意味着:设计(Design)、颠覆(Destroy)、发现(Discover),与众不同(Different),新维度(Dimension)、讨论(Discuss)、多样性( Diverse)、决断(Decide)等等。


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    Innovation Through Clean Sheet Redesign

    November 11, 2015 | By: | In: Creative Leadership, Strategies

    Clean sheet redesign is the method of rethinking existing businesses from the ground up. For established companies, this is a way to innovate processes by asking the right questions about current practices. For start-ups working on a clean sheet, they can apply similar techniques to disrupt existing models, while taking inspiration from existing success stories from other industries. What can start-ups learn from innovation from a variety of industries, such as airlines and mining?

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    The Serious Job of Prototyping

    November 4, 2015 | By: | In: Creative Leadership, Strategies

    Things have definitely gotten out of hand. Executives in suits are rummaging around in the LEGO box, a tall man is putting on a wig and speaking in a high-pitched voice, and a group has hijacked all the furniture to build what looks suspiciously like a fortress. Not a scene from an asylum, but the Prototyping phase of THNK’s Innovation Flow. It’s time to turn new ideas and visions into something tangible, a product that can be used and tested, broken up and rebuilt a dozen times. For innovation leadership, this is a crucial step in the creative process.

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    Design Thinking + Inovação em Modelo de Negócio

    October 27, 2015 | By: | In: Edição em português

    Uma série de novidades tem surgido em torno de design de modelos de negócios novos e inovadores. Mas o que significa projetar um novo modelo de negócio? Como você aplica design thinking à inovação em modelo de negócios?

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    Design Thinking + Business Model Innovation

    August 25, 2015 | By: | In: Strategies

    There has been a lot of buzz around designing new and innovative business models. But what does it mean to design a new business model? How do you apply design thinking to business model innovation?

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    Build a Fast and Efficient Innovation Team

    May 14, 2015 | By: | In: The Innovation Formula

    Since we’re obliged to pursue innovation in a competitive marketplace, speed matters. In fact, it matters a great deal, for your competitors aren’t waiting, and you cannot afford to allow them to get too far ahead. The faster you recognize new trends, threats, and opportunities, the faster great ideas get discovered and created, the faster they get to market, the faster you earn money, build brand, and extend the relevance and reach of your firm into the future.

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    Innovation & Ideation for Designers (and their Public)

    April 9, 2015 | By: | In: Book Reviews

    In today’s crowded marketplace a new product is only as good as its packaging and marketing campaigns. How can you make it stand out from the competition? How can you update the design of your product without alienating your customer? The new book “Creative Anarchy: How to Break the Rules of graphic Design for Creative Success” provides ideation techniques and creative tools to push boundaries and expectations while preserving the function and message of the design.

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    Transforming How We Work

    February 2, 2015 | By: | In: Agile Innovation

    The essence of agility is the ability to respond to new and different conditions. You cannot continue repeating the same old operating formula long beyond its utility or you will be left behind. Are you prepared to adapt to the profuse variety of new circumstances with new tactics and strategies? The principles of Agile that we examine in the next three chapter excerpts of Agile Innovation will help you understand what you need to do.



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