Instructions for publishing articles on

Please watch our instructional videos to start working with the WordPress site. Below the videos you can find step-by-step written instructions.

Logging on and changing your password Submit your article for publishing

Getting started

  • Login page:
    The link to log in can also be found at the footer of our website.
  • InnovationManagement will provide you with a unique username and password.
    To change your password, in the left column under USERS click on “Your Profile.” Scroll down to find password selection.
  •  Under POSTS at the top of the left column click on “Add New.”
  • Under screen options tab at the top right side of the page, please confirm the following boxes are marked: categories, featured image, excerpt, author.


Adding your content

  • In the first field enter the title of your article.
    Just underneath the title field you can adjust the URL for your article (otherwise it’s generated automatically).
  • In the “Excerpt” field enter a brief (introductory) paragraph for your article. This text will appear on the first page. Please try to keep it around 50-100 words.
  • In the text editor paste the body of your article. If there are formatting problems after pasting from your word processor, first click the “TEXT” tab option in the top right corner before pasting your text. You can also click the buttons “paste from Word” or “paste in plain text.” Note: all embedded links will be removed.
    Watch this video to learn more:


Please do not overuse any bold or italics in your text. If you cannot see all of the options listed below, click on the icon on the far right that says “show/hide kitchen sink.”



Questions should be bold and the answers should begin with an em dash (—).


For first tier subtitles use “Heading 3” on the paragraph dropdown menu. Second tier subtitles use Heading 4.
For dual-layer subtitles please use Heading 4 for the first line and Heading 5 Italic for the second line.



Highlight the text you want to link to, press the link button. In the pop-up window enter the complete URL and check the box for “Open link in a new window/tab” (this is important to not lead your readers away from your article).

 link  link-popup


Correctly format a list of points in your text.


Pull quotes

To create a pull quote floating to the right of the text, copy the text to quote and paste just before the paragraph where you want the quote to appear. Select the quote and click the button with quotation marks.



1.) After the article text, write a byline in italics and link the name to the author’s page.
By Innovation Management
Link to:

2.) To create the “about the author” box at the footer of the article, first click the TEXT tab in the right corner of the editor. Scroll down, under your article text. Paste the following code:

<div class=”faktaruta”>

Next paste the title author’s bio:

About the Author
Text about the author.

While still in TEXT mode: complete the box with the following code:


3.) Finally, scroll down the WordPress page in the back end and select your name from the dropdown menu called “POST AUTHOR.”

Tags & Categorization

Add the tags for your article. Instead of copy / pasting tags, please type the words in the tag field. Options will appear to select currently used tags at the site. For consistent categorization, please use the tag options already in the system.

Tick the box for the article category on the right side of the screen. Unless you are publishing a serialized book or an article for one of our foreign language editions, your article should fall under one of the four innovation levers:

  1. Enabling Factors
  2. Life Cycle Processes
  3. Organization & Culture
  4. Strategies


Before uploading the main image for your article under the Featured Image box in the right column, please rename the file so that it has the same name as your article. If possible, re-size the image to 460 x 330 pixels.

Save draft and Submit for Review

Click on the “Save Draft” button in the top right corner and press “Preview” to view the article. Once you have finished editing, press “Submit for Review.” If you need to return to edit your text at a later time, you will find it listed by the article name under POSTS. Please remember to save your changes.