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Innobaord Insights and Impulses

Innoboard offers insights and impulses into various aspects and levels of innovation management and entrepreneurship. With a broad selection of renowned experts from multiple industries, we provide a variety of perspectives on achieving innovation and growth. Success stories, experiences and best practices of leading experts demonstrate how excellence in innovation can be and should be enforced.

The blog covers a broad set of topics with a focus on innovation, growth, entrepreneurship, and sense for opportunities.

As such, it has some particular features to ensure a unique place among the top innovation blogs worldwide and a clear value above and beyond other innovation blogs. In particular, Innoboard complements the majority of US-based blogs by offering additional insights into trends, strategies, and procedures of European companies. Moreover, the topics covered on Innoboard exceed pure innovation topics to give particular attention to the challenges and steps of achieving sustainable growth in companies.

In addition, the blog complements the focus of many other innovation blogs on technology topics by having a clear emphasis on management challenges and best practices. Furthermore, Innoboard provides decision-makers in small, medium-sized, and large companies with new ideas and descriptions of proven methods, procedures, and answers to critical management issues.

A strong focus of the blog is on interviews with innovation experts from a large variety of manufacturing firms and further organizations. Many of the contributors to Innoboard are well recognized experts in their particular fields, and they regularly give talks at leading industry conferences. The contributions on Innoboard, therefore, represent the latest thought leadership and expertise on innovation.