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Executive programs for global leadership

IMD’s portfolio of executive programs reflects the key global leadership capabilities we believe you must develop and strengthen in order to become a successful global leader: strategic, execution, stakeholder and personal leadership.

We provide comprehensive global leadership programs, which address the whole range of these capabilities, as well as in-depth focused programs and coaching services that delve deeper into each capability.

Use our interactive program finder to define where you are on your global leader journey and which program is best suited for you!

Featured programs:

IMD Executive MBA: Provides experienced executives with an opportunity to achieve mastery of business concepts, leadership skills and continuous learning without leaving their job
Program for Executive Development: Prepares mid-career executives to move from a functional to a general manager position through a personalized and transformational journey
Advanced Strategic Management: Equips executives moving into more senior positions, with the skills to develop and execute strategies in complex environments
Breakthrough Program for Senior Executives: Prepares senior executives to deliver breakthrough performance by surpassing their individual, business and market challenges
Partnership programs: We also co-create customized programs with companies to help them build strategic capabilities, including strategic agility, innovation, global growth, high performance leadership, and executi