NineSigma Learning Program

NineSigma is one of the most experienced and advanced Open Innovation service providers. Founded in 2000, NineSigma has been offering open innovation solutions long before it was an accepted management practice. NineSigma is responsible for a large part of how open innovation is practiced today, and continues to evolve its services and organization to ensure that organizations will be prepared to move their business to the next level of open innovation capability, regardless of where they are today.


Insights, recommendations and successes in building innovation portfolio value and sustainable growth through Open Innovation

NineSigma, the leading global innovation provider is organizing, in association with InnovationManagement, a 12-month learning program on how they see the future of Open Innovation practices.

This program targets top level innovation managers up to C-level and will focus on how companies can organize their innovation programs into coherent portfolios and the ways Open Innovation tools and practices, such as crowd sourcing, challenge management and specialized ecosystems, can be used to create sustainable growth and value.

NineSigma will show how Open Innovation practices can be used effectively to converge corporate venturing with the innovation strategy, by contributing to efficient and targeted deal sourcing and where speed of decision and execution is critical.

The program will proceed by exploring how these practices can be put to significant use in a number of key industries. Insights will be on the use of meaningful metrics, how organizations must be stretched to facilitate corporate venture and technology integration and how corporate culture must evolve to assure a high impact on open innovation implementation.

Ninesigma Learning Program Articles

Article #1 How Crowdsourcing Impacts Innovation Portfolio Management
Article #2 A Hitchhiker´s Guide to Open Innovation in Corporate Venturing
Article #3 How Procurement Can Help Suppliers Become Innovation Partners
Article #4 PharmaX, the CEO’s Dilemma and Open Innovation – Part 1
Article #5 PharmaX, the CEO’s Dilemma and Open Innovation – Part 2
Article #6 PharmaX, the CEO’s Dilemma and Open Innovation – Part 3

About IM Learning Programs

Our goal is to facilitate an increased sharing of knowledge, best practices, tools and related resources among innovation practitioners and other professionals who want to bring the discipline of innovation to their organizations. Via our Learning Programs we provide insights, practical case studies, tools and training to fuel the participant’s innovation pipeline, business model, services and customer engagement.