Newsletter Technical Specifications newsletters connect a worldwide audience interested in managing innovation and growing their business. When participating as a featured company – in a sponsored advertorial or the exclusive banner ad – it is very important that you consider the guidelines below to attract maximum attention and achieve the best results from your campaign.


All creative materials must be submitted at least 10 days before the start of the campaign. Send all creative materials to [email protected]

Note: InnovationManagement reserves the right to cancel any insertion in case of delays or if the creative materials do not meet the technical specifications.

Advertorial specifications

  1. Title / Headline text (in bold): Maximum of 10 words
  2. Main text: Maximum of 50 words (approximately 300 characters)
    No more than 2 bold words within main text;
    No more than 2 all-capitalized words within main text;
    No hyperlinks / URLs embedded in the text.
  3. One image (product or logo): 260 x 190 pixels (file size no larger than 8kbs)
  4. One URL / re-direction link.

Note: 3rd party clickthrough URLs are accepted.Additional clicktag images are not accepted.

The importance of a good title

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so use it wisely. A good title will entice the readers, spark their curiosity and encourage them to read further.

Remember: you have just 8 seconds to seduce in the Inbox* and your goal is to grasp their attention without seeming “loud”. Hence, avoid words like “Free”, “Last chance”, “Right Now” in the headline and push them further down (e.g. in the text accompanying the hyperlink).

Having a great title, you are now ready to build expectation and call to action with your main text.

The main text

Focus on a core message that you believe will appeal to the readers (leads). Create a summary that helps the audience understand the main topic of your advertorial and perceive the specific value you bring.

In other words, when writing your main text you need to experiment and eventually build content that is powerful and appealing. This means toning down the sales approach and taking the subscriber’s perspective.

This latter exercise will help you come through as a valued content supplier and consequently provide the most impact and engagement.

Linking your advertorial

Advertorials are an excellent means of lead capture. When preparing  the main text, you should consider linking words or phrases to product demos, whitepapers, questionnaires or videos.

*Source: MarketingSherpa