Who is your Personal Innovation Hero?

On the occasion of the release of TIME Magazine's 2012 Top 100 List, Ruth Ann Hattori asks, who is your personal innovation hero?

It’s that TIME of year…for the TIME 100. Electronic media has made this tradition interactive. Before publishing the actual list, they asked their audience to name their “Most Influential Innovators of This Year.”

Of course, the responses included Sergey Brin for all of his accomplishments including the self-driving car; Ian Somerhalder for his environmental efforts; Benedict Cumberbatch for “an integrity, intelligence, uniqueness and quality to the art form of filmmaking:” and of course, Steve Jobs.

While it may be interesting and often inspiring to read about these recognizable innovation “heroes,” for each of us, it may be more useful to think about our personal innovation heroes.

My aspirational innovation hero is R. Buckminster Fuller – inventor, philosopher, futurist and perhaps the greatest individual archivist of all time. I have a number of “connected to my real life” innovation heroes, too. In reflecting on all of them, what strikes me is that each and every one of them has amazing integrity, unconditional love for all human beings and a passion to leave the world better than they found it.

Who are your innovation heroes? And, what can you learn from them or emulate that would bring true value to your work, your own professional development or your life in general?

Go to TIME.com if you want to see their choices.

By Chuck Frey

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Chuck Frey Senior Editor, founded InnovationTools.com and served as its publisher from its launch in 2002 until the partnership with Innovation Management in 2012. He is the publisher of The Mind Mapping Software Blog, the definitive souce for news, trends, tips and best practices for visual mapping tools. A journalist by trade, Chuck has over 14 years of experience in online marketing, and over 10 years experience in business-to-business public relations. His interests include creative problem solving, visual thinking, photography, business strategy and technology. His unique combination of experience and influences enables him to envision new possibilities and opportunities.