Unique crowdsourcing community helps savvy college grads to gain an edge in the job market

A leading public relations firm has formed a unique crowdsourcing community that is delivering numerous benefits to students, clients and its own talent recruiting efforts.

It’s that time of year when the job market here in the States is being flooded by a huge, freshly-minted batch of college graduates. But the slowly improving job market hasn’t improved to the point where it can absorb them all. What’s a grad to do in order to stand out and get hired?

Ketchum, a leading public relations firm, has developed an innovative solution to this challenge: Mindfire, a crowdsourcing community for college graduate and undergraduate students with demonstrated creativity, communication and digital skills. According to a recent PR announcement for Mindfire, over 300 students from 22 leading universities are represented on the network so far.

Ketchum and its clients benefit by tapping into a rich source of new ideas from Mindfire participants, while students benefit by submitting winning ideas that they hope will give them an edge in the tight marketplace for entry-level jobs. In addition to gaining experience they can add to their resumes, students also receive career coaching, training and job alerts from Ketchum, along with prizes provided by the clients who issued each challenge.

College professors, eager to help their best students to find practical experience outside of the classroom, have enthusiastically embraced Mindfire, helping to recruit their best and brightest minds to join this unique crowdsourcing community.

A side benefit of Mindfire is that it has turned into an awesome job pipeline for Ketchum, helping it to identify the best candidates for entry-level jobs and summer internships. Ketchum managers can see how students performed in actual creative challenges, rather than trying to select candidates from dozens of homogenous resumes that often don’t speak to what they’re actually capable of.

Mindfire sounds like a winning formula all the way around – for the PR firm, its clients and especially for the students, who need to stand out in a crowded job market. How could you adapt this strategy to your business?