The power of ‘I wonder…’

Curt Rosengren, in his Occupational Adventures Weblog, offers some questions that can help you to view the future with wonder and curiosity.

Curt Rosengren, author of The Occupational Adventure Weblog, frequently covers topics related to creativity and creative living. Last month, in a post entitled The power of “I Wonder”, he encouraged readers to “look at the future (with) a view of wonder and curiosity.” Some of the “I wonder…” questions he suggests, which look like great idea catalysts, include:

  • I wonder how I could…
  • I wonder what would happen if…
  • I wonder what I could do (a great question if you’re feeling stuck in your life!).
  • I wonder who else has done this. I wonder how they did it.

These questions are great food for thought, and ought to get you thinking creatively about the world of ideas and possibilities that are all around you, just waiting to be discovered!

By the way, Curt’s Weblog looks really interesting — I strongly urge you to check it out. I’m adding it to my blogroll, and will be checking on it frequently!