Streamliner for Pocket PC: Powerful outliner helps you to organize ideas, information and projects

Streamliner, an outlining program for Pocket PC PDAs, offers productivity-enhancing features and ease of use that make it a pleasure to use. Read this review to find out why!

Streamliner is a well-designed and easy-to-use outlining program for the Pocket PC PDA platform, developed by Kopsis Inc. Whether you need to outline a plan or presentation, record ideas or keep track of your to-do list, Streamliner can help you to be more productive and better organized — any time, anywhere.

The efficient Streamliner interface

Streamliner makes very efficient use of the Pocket PC’s diminutive screen. A simple toolbar can be hidden or displayed at the bottom of the screen, and enables you to add an item to your outline, view item properties, delete an item, promote or demote an item, move an item up or down in your outline, convert an existing item into a note, and a unique “SuperFind” feature.

With Streamliner’s SuperFind function, you can select any word or phrase in your outline and with only three taps locate and display any contact, appointment or to-do from Pocket Outlook that contains those words. One more tap and you’re right back to your outline. This feature helps you to keep your creative stream of thought going, because you don’t have to open these other applications and then switch between them (which is not that easy to do on the Pocket PC).

One of the big advantages of Streamliner is that you can quickly enter and edit text directly in your outline, rather than via dialog boxes. This helps you to concentrate better on your writing. This direct method of text input also helps you to keep your creative flow going.

When you need to move items within your outline, not only can you use the toolbar icons, but also ctrl-key combinations (such as CTRL-P to promote an item and CTRL-D to demote it) — a real advantage if you’re using your Pocket PC with a foldable keyboard, like I do! These control-key commands are easy to remember (i.e., P for promote, D for demote), which helps you to be more productive with the program. I give Kopsis Engineering for thinking ahead that some users of Streamliner might actually be utilizing their Pocket PCs with keyboards, and to include support for keyboard commands like these.

Excellent export/import options

One of the problems with some PDA software is that your files become islands unto themselves. In other words, it’s not possible to open a file created by a software application your Pocket PC on your desktop computer, and vice versa. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with Streamliner: The program can export outlines in RTF (rich text format) files that are readable by Microsoft Word, while preserving the structure and formatting of your outlines. Likewise, you can transfer RTF files created in Word to your Pocket PC, with outline levels intact. That is very cool, and as far as I know, it’s a first for Pocket PC-based outliners.

Other features of Streamliner include:

Checkboxes: You can add a checkbox to any of the items in your outline, enabling you to use Streamliner as a very flexible and powerful to-do list. Because you can change this property on an item-by-item basis, you can easily create a number of top-level items that represent projects, and then add child topics that represent action steps for each project — very cool! In addition, these checkboxes are “smart” — when all of a parent item’s child topics are checked, the parent topic also displays a checked box.

Basic project management: If you need something a bit more finite than checkboxes, you can also add a percentage complete icon to any item in your outline, which displays the percentage you enter as a horizontal bar next to that item. The parent item’s progress bar shows the average progress for all its children — very intelligent!

Flexible outline heading formats: Headings can be numbered in one of three styles: Harvard (I., A., 1., etc.), legal (1., 1.2., 1.2.3., etc.) or bullets.


Streamliner for Pocket PC is a terrific outliner, the best I’ve seen so far for this PDA platform. It combines a simple, easy-to-use interface with powerful outline formatting options and import/export capabilities into one great package.

Streamliner is available for $9.95 from the Kopsis Web site. You can also download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial version from the company’s Web site.