Number of hand-held brainstorming tools continues to grow

I just learned of a new brainstorming card deck called Inner Vision. Here's a list of all commercially available creative problem-solving card decks now available, as well as links to my reviews of them.

Rory O’Connor, a creative thinking facilitator based in Belfast, has developed a new creative problem-solving card deck called the Inner Vision deck. It contains 69 cards, each with a unique word or phrase that acts as an idea trigger. Rory recently sent me an Inner Vision deck; watch for a review of it on InnovationTools in the near future.

This seems like a good opportunity to summarize the growing number of terrific manual (hand-held) creative problem-solving tools that are now available. This list contains links where you can find more information about each tool, plus a link to my review of it:

If you know of any I have missed, please send me a feedback message (please note: I don’t consider tarot decks to be brainstorming tools).