Modest steps to an amazing life

Here are some fascinating quotes on change and opportunity, from Curt Rosengren's Occupational Adventure Weblog. Great food for thought!

I’m a big fan of creative living — of constantly being mindful of the many opportunities that are all around me. So it was with great interest that I read Curt Rosengren’s post today in his Occupational Adventure Weblog. In “modest steps to an amazing life,” he quotes from the blog of a former client, who is taking a year off to explore the U.S. in an Airstream trailer, on the nature of change and opportunity:

“It’s interesting to think of your life in year-long chunks. A year seems like a very long time, veritably bursting with possibility. Over the course of a year, you can — with only modest imagination — see things really changing in your life.

The sad reality is that for amazing things to happen over the course of year, modest things must happen every day. Sadder still, these modest things seem to have nearly no effect when viewed in the moment.”

Curt goes on to explain that “the mundane reality of making amazing things happen… happens incrementally, day by day.” Therefore, don’t become discouraged when it seems you’re faced with a create dry spell. Here’s Curt’s advice:

“I find myself occasionally getting sucked into wanting to see the grand slam home run and feeling like I’m not accomplishing anything when it doesn’t happen. When I hit one of those inevitable slow stretches… my energy sometimes starts to flag and I start feeling like I’m not making anything happen.

The reality is, I am. It’s a continual building process. I have to remember that it takes time between planting the seeds and harvest time. And in between, there’s a lot of watering, weeding, and waiting to be done.”

So if you feel that your creative muse has suddenly left you, don’t give in to discouragement. Keep giving your best effort, day after day, turning your attention to the tasks at hand, and working on the sub-goals that make up the big goals you envision. It’s the cumulative effect of these days that will help you to turn the trick, to create the amazing future that you seek.