Key business issues, new innovation initiatives

Dave Pollard, author of the How to Save the World Weblog, walks readers through a list of key business issues that leaders are likely to face in 2004. He also lists potential solutions for many of them, including several new businesses he plans to start up to address them.

Dave Pollard, author of the How to Save the World Weblog, recently added a post entitled “What Keeps Executives Awake at Night” that outlines 20 key business issues that ought to be on every leader’s radar screen in 2004. Dave then goes on to list solutions for 11 of them — and several of these ideas touch on innovation. Here are two examples:

Issue: Increasing growth, lack of innovation, falling prices and commoditization.
Dave’s solution:The Innovation Amplifier: A process for assessing your business’ current innovation processes and culture and improving it using proven techniques and incentives.

Issue: Finding and retaining top people, improved decision making, managing complexity.
Dave’s solutions: Personal Content Management System: A simple, configurable weblog-based application that allows front-line workers to capture, organize, share and publish their own and others’ knowledge, and serves as a subscribable electronic filing cabinet.
Social Networking Applications: The Expertise Finder and other tools that enable front-line workers to find the experts and knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively.

Here’s the most interesting part: These ideas and the other 9 listed in Dave’s blog will become the basis of new businesses that he’s now in the process of launching. I’ll let Dave explain what he’s up to:

“Implementing these ideas will be the business of my new businesses, Meeting of Minds and The Caring Enterprise Coach. I’ll be posting more on these businesses, and the eleven ideas below, here and on their new websites soon.”

I’ll try to find out more details on these new initiatives from Dave, and hope to provide you with more details on them in the coming weeks.