Innovative TV Show Harnesses the Power of Big Data to Crowdsource Solutions

Satyamev Jayate, one of India's highest-rated television shows, is using big data as a means to effect meaningful change. Its unique approach to crowdsourcing social innovation could be adapted in many ways.

What TV show has over 400 million viewers after only 13 episodes? Can you believe the same show has caused over 1.2 billion people to connect with them across their website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and mobile devices?

Satyamev Jayate, one of India’s highest-rated television shows, is using data as a means to effect meaningful change. The show’s producers are aggregating and analyzing the millions of messages they receive on controversial issues to do everything from planning future episodes to pushing for political change.”

Big numbers, big impact and the participants aren’t singing, dancing or playing football of any style. The people of India and beyond are watching, expressing their opinions on important issues and getting immediate feedback in the form of data on their thoughts and action from their politicians.

“It’s a documentary program tackling some of the country’s most- sensitive topics, and it has the whole country – indeed, the whole world – talking. In order to funnel millions of messages a week into something valuable, the shows producers have turned to big data.”

A recent show challenged viewers to discuss the issue of water and whether rain collection was a viable solution. The problem was described: “India will need 1498 billion cubic metres water by 2030, whereas the water supply will rise to barely half the total requirement to 744 bcm.” And the discussion began.

Well-defined problems and a billion solvers, awesome, no wonder, Satyamev Jayate has become the number one tv show in India. Won’t your enterprise like to get feedback from a billion customers? The feedback on any issue on this scale must have your marketing, design and sales folks excited and pleased. One step closer to customer driven solutions, one step closer to shared solutions on any issue.

What challenge question would you ask?

By Chuck Frey

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