InnoBeer: What a great concept!

Last night, I experienced my first-ever InnoBeer tweet-up event in Boston. I was in the city for a trade show, and James Todhunter and Parna Sarkar-Basu from Invention Machine were nice enough to schedule an event to coincide with my visit (thanks so much for your hospitality, Jim and Parna!) at the Kinsale, a well-known Irish pub in downtown Boston.

I had heard of the concept of tweet-ups before, and have seen a number of innovation professionals talking about InnoBeer on Twitter. So naturally, I had to go, to see what all of the excitement was about. Also, I was the guest of honor – so I had better show up!

I found this to be a fascinating event. I met some awesome new people and reconnected with some people who I have corresponded with by e-mail and Twitter for years. It was an eclectic bunch, including a group of marketing agency folks, a professor from a local college, an author and speaker, and several people from a local software company. They were all fun and engaging to talk with, and they made me feel very welcome!

Attendees included Stephen Shapiro (author and speaker), Boris Pluskowski (Continuous Innovation Blog), James Todhunter and Jim Belfiore (Invention Machine), Robert DeFilippi from Suffolk University, Stephen Dill (SRD InterActive and avid blogger), David Wallace (GameChanger) and Adam Sadowski (the Antler agency).

The discussion was wide-ranging, from our favorite open innovation resources and the pros and cons of using WordPress to manage a large site (I’m trying to decide on a new platform for to brewing beer and the challenges of working with clients to implement social media campaigns.

Based on my experience at the Boston Innobeer, I definitely want to take part in more of these great events. They’re an awesome way to meet like-minded professionals, to get inspired by the projects and pasttimes that other people are focused upon and you may even learn a thing or two.

InnoBeer – short for Innovation Beer Summit Tweetup – events are now taking place in at least 8 cities here in the states:

  • Boston (the birthplace of InnoBeer)
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Minneapolis
  • Los Angeles
  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • Michigan

These are informal events that don’t have to be extensively planned. Jim and Parna use a web-based service called EventBrite to enable people to register for these free gatherings (they use it just to get an approximate head count).

Thanks again for an awesome evening, everyone!