How Guess the Google game can increase your capacity for visual brainstorming

Learn how Grant Robinson's innovative Guess the Google online game can help you to become more fluent in making creative associations between images and objects.

Have you seen the cool “Guess the Google” game that Grant Robinson has created? It picks a keyword at random, searches Google’s huge repository of images gathered from the web, and places them in a grid of 20 images. You then have 20 seconds to guess what the keyword or theme of these images is. It’s quite challenging and addictive!

What does this have to do with creativity and brainstorming? Simply this: Our brains are wired for making visual associations between images and objects, and it’s this capability that is a core part of our creative abilities. I believe that playing with an online game like Guess the Google can help you to become more fluent in the way your brain makes connections between images — a talent that you can use to make similar creative associations in the offline world!