Get inspired and capture your ideas in the new ThinkBook

Raj Setty's new ThinkBook combines a writing journal with creative inspiration, to help you to bring your best ideas to fruition.

Change is hard. That’s why the majority of people who read business books rarely put into practice what they have learned. This frustrated Rajesh Setty, who was determined to come up with a better approach that would empower people to make the change they desired, to bring their creative ideas to fruition.

The result is a new writing journal called the ThinkBook, a 192-page notebook that is interspersed with over 40 insights to inspire you. “(It) gives your people enough space to write, incubate, and refine their best ideas while providing thinking points that will make them think, write, reflect and yes, get inspired to do more,” Raj explains.

Think of it as a Moleskine notebook with a dash of creative inspiration.

ThinkBook sells for $17.95 (after 10% discount); Raj is offering flat shipping of $4.95 for up to 100 books.

Raj is sending a ThinkBook to me, so I can review it and share my thoughts with you on this website. As a tireless student of new ways to generate and record creative ideas, I can’t wait to take a closer look at what Raj has created. His blog is always thought provoking; I wouldn’t expect anything less from the ThinkBook.