Are you an Idea Monkey or a Ringleader?

To help you understand whether you're an idea monkey or a ringleader, take this brief quiz from the new book, Free the Idea Monkey.

Mike Maddock, in his new book, Free the Idea Monkey… To Focus on What Matters Most, aims to help relentless idea generators (idea monkeys) to channel their output, and to help leaders who must manage these loose cannons to embrace, motivate and direct their efforts in meaningful, productive directions (ringleaders).

To help you understand whether you’re an idea monkey or a ringleader, Maddock has published a brief but fun quiz on his book website:

The quiz is designed to help you better understand which type of person you are. “In just two minutes, find out if you’re an Idea Monkey or a Ringleader. Then start making changes in your work that opens doors for innovation. Idea Monkeys, embrace your inner dreamer and start breaking new ground. Ringleaders, use your leadership know-how to change your organization, even your industry,” Maddock encourages.

I took the quiz and discovered I’m a ringleader. Which one are you?

By Chuck Frey

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