Almost here: My new Creativity Hacks e-book

Next week, I plan to launch my new Creativity Hacks e-book, which will help readers to leverage the opportunities that the coming economic upturn will make possible.

Next week, I plan to launch my new e-book, which will help readers to leverage the opportunities that the coming economic upturn will make possible.

In this age of global discontinuities, personal innovation is more important than ever. The time to be a creative problem solver is now. Organizations are desperate for creative people who see things differently, who can quickly size up a problem and develop creative solutions to it. You can make a difference in your work and life, now more than ever.

I have spent the last 20+ years reading about creativity, trying different tools and techniques, keeping those that have had the greatest impact and discarding the rest. Creative problem-solving and personal innovation have become a part of who I am, part of the “aura” that has set me apart from my coworkers and has helped me to do some amazing things over the years.

My new e-book, Creativity Hacks: Shortcuts to Help You to Crush Your Challenges & Live a Kick-Ass Life, contains the best enduring ideas and proven tips and strategies about creative problem solving and ideation, assembled into a convenient, time-saving collection. My goal in publishing it is to energize you to use your latent creative energies, to use them to solve the challenges in your life – and to have a lot of fun in the process.

Simply put, it’s more fun to look at life through a creative lens – you’ll smile more, you’ll laugh more, and, armed with a creative outlook, you’ll see more possibilities and opportunities all around you.

During the past few weeks, I’ve been previewing it to a number of creativity authors and experts to get their feedback – so this report will be as powerful and relevant to your needs as possible. Their feedback has been incredibly encouraging. They say it’s the right book for the times.

I’ve had fun recording video reviews of a number of creativity tools this week – including the KnowBrainer, Creativity Whack Pack, Innovation Whack Pack, ThinkPak, Free the Genie, XPLANE Discovery Cards and ThoughtOffice brainstorming software. These are some great tools, and it was exciting to develop these resources so you, too, can profit from them.

These tool review videos will be bonuses for those enterprising individuals who make the investment Creativity Hacks during the first few weeks after the launch. They will only be available for  a limited time only – I haven’t decided how long yet…

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to visit the Creativity Hacks page on this website and sign up for the launch e-mail list. If you do so, you’ll qualify for one or more additional bonuses that won’t be offered to anyone else.