Ben Wood, Mark Whiting & David Stocks

Ben Wood is the Director responsible for the Added Value Group’s Innovation R&D and leads global innovation/NPD projects across a range of categories including fashion, fmcg, beer & spirits and luxury. Ben is also instrumental in developing AV’s digital offer AV-id™.

Mark Whiting, Director at Added Value and an expert in luxury and brand strategy development, innovation and creativity based on cultural insights. He also runs an ESOMAR workshop on “Measuring Emotions” and is a frequent conference speaker. He headed the Global Research team at Moët Hennessy (LVMH) before joining Added Value in 2010.

David Stocks worked on brand development and innovation strategy at Added Value. Previously in Industrial Design, David worked in-house and freelance, designing products from toys to medical equipment, housewares, TVs and even baby bottles. He now works as Strategic Planner at Possible Worldwide.

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  • how-design-thinking-can-enrich-business-marketing-innovation

    How Design Thinking Can Enrich Business and Marketing Innovation

    Dec 26, 2011 | In: Strategies

    Design empowered innovation combines the best of right and left brain thinking. It has the capacity to deliver better ideas, with more relevance, realized earlier. By focusing on individuals, moments and journeys in ethnography, insights become deeper. By embracing chaos and play in brainstorms, creative teams can explore further. By iterating and early prototyping, ideas become real and develop more rapidly.