Tony Singarayar & John Aceti

Tony Singarayar is Founding Partner of analogy. He spent 20 years at Johnson & Johnson, where he developed the business model innovation methodology now used by analogy.

John Aceti is a Vice President at analogy. He is an entrepreneur and has served in leadership roles for Bio Medical Devices at 3 US National Labs. He holds 26 patents.

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  • Include “Business Model Review” as a New Year Resolution

    Jan 25, 2013 | In: Life Cycle Processes

    Forget the Profit & Loss Statement (P&L) and Cash Flows – for just 30 minutes. Assess the key drivers of your business model that make you stronger or weaker than your competitors at creating, delivering and capturing value. In this article, we will present a tool to simplify your task – it’s been refined for 15 years by senior managers with responsibility for brands and P&Ls in both startups and multinationals.