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Ryan Ayers has consulted a number of companies within multiple industries including information technology and big data. After earning his MBA in 2010, Ayers also began working with start-up companies and aspiring entrepreneurs, with a keen focus on data collection and analysis.

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  • The Future of Libraries - IMse

    How Technology is Changing the Role of Librarians

    Jun 21, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    The most significant historical change in the library field was the introduction of stacks in the early 20th century. The prominent structures used to house and protect tomes are a familiar sight for library patrons. For many, the idea of entering a library without seeing an immense collection of books is unthinkable. Despite this, a New York public library attempted to do just that. However, the engineers tasked with planning the project immediately opposed the concept, opting for a renovation that would leave a significant portion of the book collection on-site.

  • IMse - Careers

    5 Top Careers for Innovative Problem-Solvers

    Jun 07, 2018 | In: Strategies, Uncategorized

    For some, problem-solving comes naturally, and others most develop the skill. In any case, there are some careers that are especially suited for people who enjoy managing people, events and things to create positive outcomes. These professionals are highly skilled at using information and knowledge to resolve issues and engineer solutions. Certain fields require just this kind of heightened skill in problem resolution, and they reward professionals who are up for the task handsomely.

  • IMse - Empower Women

    Empowering Women Will Innovate Your Company

    May 30, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    Female empowerment has been a hot topic in the business community over the years. Female entrepreneurship is rising steadily, and conversations will steer toward this theme increasingly as women entrepreneurs expand their influence in the marketplace.

  • IMse - Promoting Innovation at Nonprofit Organizations

    5 Tips for Promoting Innovation at Nonprofit Organizations

    May 18, 2018 | In: Strategies

    Startups often lead their industries in innovation—they’re full of fresh ideas, thinkers with big dreams, and the flexibility to create impactful change. But what about other organizations? Innovation is a must for every company, whether the organization is a large corporation or a small nonprofit. Unfortunately, many nonprofits are some of the least innovative companies in operation.

  • IMse - 5 Innovative Technologies of the 21st Century

    5 Innovative Technologies of the 21st Century

    May 08, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    The researchers and engineers of the 21st century have produced marvels such as personalized hover boards, self-driving cars and, of course, the societally pervasive smartphone. While the devices are commonplace now, just a decade and a half ago they were unfathomable.

  • Innovation Management - Healthcare

    Why Innovation is the Key to Improving Our Healthcare System

    Apr 30, 2018 | In: Strategies

    In the United States, American citizens receive treatments for diagnoses that at one time meant certain death, and they enjoy the longest lifespans in recorded history. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says that its National Prevention Strategy centers on preventative medicine, an outcome that is greatly promoted by current legislation and technological advancement.

  • Want Innovative Employees

    Want Innovative Employees? Use These 6 Innovative Hiring Methods

    Apr 12, 2018 | In: Strategies

    How many times have you read a candidate’s cover letter and found yourself actually dozing off? How many times have you (figuratively) rolled your eyes when candidates answer the question “what’s your greatest weakness” with “perfectionism”? How many times have you bored yourself asking that question?

  • Photography

    How Creativity & Innovation Is Being Used To Improve Society

    Mar 22, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    Creativity and societal problems have not always been closely associated. In the national dialogue, fixing these problems involves a series of concrete steps—steps designed to create concrete processes and repeatable outcomes.

  • Innovative Approaches to Educating Your Team

    7 Innovative Approaches to Educating Your Team

    Mar 14, 2018 | In: Strategies

    Innovation can’t happen without education and inspiration. Stagnation is the absence of creativity, and far too many teams aren’t using education as a way to keep the fresh and creative ideas flowing.

  • industry-regulations

    Staying Innovative Within Your Industry’s Regulations: Is it Possible?

    Feb 27, 2018 | In: Strategies

    In theory, most of us like the idea (or at least see the necessity) of regulations. Just look at a recent survey from Pew, that shows 74% of Americans think “the country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.”

  • lessons-from-tech-giants-skipped-school-innovate

    Lessons From Tech Leaders Who Skipped School to Learn & Innovate

    Jan 15, 2018 | In: Creative Leadership

    These days, it’s not easy to get a job without a college degree—unless, of course, you create one for yourself, something entrepreneurs have been doing throughout human history. Starting your own business is the best way to prioritize your ideas and bring them to life.

  • degrees-for-people-to-help-the-world

    5 Innovative Careers for Individuals Looking to Help the World

    Jan 09, 2018 | In: Uncategorized

    Are you innovative or creative? Are you looking for an ingenious career field for yourself? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then get ready because you’re about to discover 5 innovative careers for individuals looking to help the world.

  • innovative-companies-amazon

    5 Things Innovative Companies Can Learn From Amazon

    Dec 07, 2017 | In: Trend Alert

    It is no secret that Amazon is a titan of industry. Given their tremendous success, they are quite obviously doing more than a few things right. While there are undoubtedly a myriad of different reasons that this company has become the giant that it now is, today we will be taking a look at five of the lessons that other companies can learn from Amazon.

  • innovative-workplace-employee-benefits

    6 Benefits of Ongoing Employee Development

    Nov 17, 2017 | In: Organization & Culture

    In many organizations, work is pretty consistent and predictable: go into the office, perform your tasks, and go home. Many people spend years doing their jobs without much advancement or ongoing career development.

  • yay-10049714-digital

    3 Innovators of the 1800s Who Changed the World

    Nov 01, 2017 | In: Creative Leadership

    Humans have been incredible innovators since the beginning of our history. Each new invention laid the groundwork for more sophisticated technology, more advanced cultural practices, and more impressive innovations. We often take the things we have for granted, but it’s important to remember that not so very long ago, great minds were working on innovations that would change the world and make our lives easier, safer, and more comfortable.

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