Maree Conway

Maree Conway is an associate of Shaping Tomorrow who also runs her own strategic foresight practice, Thinking Futures, which helps people to think long term, to move beyond business-as-usual thinking, and to build robust, sustainable strategies for the future. She uses a combination of desk and original research plus workshops to challenge their current thinking and see beyond the constraints of today. With Shaping Tomorrow she runs a series of educational futures ‘webinars’ on using various futures tools and techniques, provides ongoing Horizon Scanning on a range of topics, and specific research support for projects such as a ‘Issues affecting long-term animal health management’. In 2008 she conducted a yearlong review of ‘the state of futures’, and previously spent 30 years in the university sector providing strategic support.

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  • Innovation Ahead for Higher Education

    Innovation Ahead for Higher Education

    Aug 29, 2012 | In: Trend Alert

    Higher education is facing unprecedented levels of change – MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) providing remote access, new providers developing new approaches, students’ expectations and demands rising. These changes will increase competition and require radical innovation from existing organisations in order to survive.

  • trend-alert-healthy-travelling

    Healthy and Sustainable Tourism

    Jul 25, 2012 | In: Trend Alert

    In a global world, we can travel for leisure to practically any part of any country, if we have the money and the time. Our expectations of how, where and why we travel continue to change as technology allows us to plan, connect, share and experience destinations in new ways. Yet, travel brings with it health risks for us and increased risk of disease spread. Emerging technologies also signal new ways of thinking about tourism, and the potential to allow us to have rich, immersive tourist experiences without leaving home – with the added benefit of reducing health risks.

  • Photo credit Mushon Zer-Aviv

    21st Century Learning Tipping Point – When?

    May 02, 2012 | In: Trend Alert

    The legacy of the industrial education model is strong. There is little dispute that the model must change at a system level, but progress towards and evolution of the needed changes are still glacially slow. Inspiring examples of a 21st century model are present today, but the imperative to build an education model that is open, connected, engaged and personalised has not yet reached its tipping point.