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Gianluigi Cuccureddu, contributing editor, is an experienced writer specializing in innovation, open business, new media and marketing. He is co-founder of Damarque, an EMEA professional services firm that takes a strategic view and hands-on approach across the entire value chain to help organizations integrate social technologies. to help them drive employee productivity, customer loyalty and better innovation. Damarque acts as trusted advisor to organizations to support and guide them through this transition phase and offers a unique approach and combination of competences.

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    Procter & Gamble Launches Open Innovation Website to Find Innovators For Most Pressing Needs

    Feb 22, 2013 | In: News

    Procter & Gamble launched a new open innovation website as part of their Connect+Develop program to spur its open innovation efforts. The company focusses on strengthening areas to deliver more discontinuous, breakthrough innovations. The new website links directly to external innovators to P&G’s top company needs, accelerating innovation cycles.

  • Open Innovation in the Biorefinery Industry

    Case: Open Innovation in the Biorefinery Industry

    Dec 07, 2012 | In: News

    Last year I came in contact with the co-founder and advisor of the Biorrefiniria Brasil open innovation community, José Augusto T. R. Tomé. He started an interesting venture within the chemical sector, a venture focused on biorefinery. Read further to learn more about his vibrant innovation community and open innovation in general.

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    Engagement Is Key to Business Performance: Digital Innovation as Catalyst

    Nov 23, 2012 | In: News

    Booz&Co wrote in their article “The Social Life of Brands” on Strategy+Business that the value of a brand is linked with the relationships it has with its customers, creating and retaining them. For marketing, its fundamental task is managing these relationships. In a recent research by Gallup the results were striking, a 240 percent boost in performance was achieved when both employees and customers were enaged. This is exactly, in a highly technological driven business environment, digital innovation is the catalyst that improves engagement and provide means to manage relationships better, faster and in a cheaper way though digital.

  • Philips Extends Its Open Innovation Efforts

    Philips Extends Its Open Innovation Efforts Through the “Innovation Open” Contest

    Nov 02, 2012 | In: News

    Philips, the global electronics company, has quietly been practicing open innovation through its ongoing ‘SimplyInnovate’ platform. To get more product-specific ideas, Philips also launched the ‘Innovation Open’ contest earlier this month, according to This contest is meant to complement Philips’ own extensive R&D activities.

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    Open Innovation Also Means Engaging the Inside

    Oct 26, 2012 | In: News

    An article on the Financial Post website triggered me to write this article. A lot is being written about open innovation and much of them focus on, as the article says “spurring innovation by bringing the outside in”. Why should you engage your employees? They are the beginning of the equation that results in profitability and happy shareholders. Michael Porter said that employees are the major source for a company to increase competence and profits. Take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers and your profits. Open innovation can be the ‘mechanism’ to do so.

  • David Willetts, Universities and Science Minister, during a recent visit to the GlaxoSmithKline.

    GSK’s Commitment to Transparency by Opening Up Their Data

    Oct 12, 2012 | In: News

    GlaxoSmithKline has announced plans to be more open about its clinical trial data, be more transparent to the public and actively collaborate with scientists and firms outside GSK to find new drugs to treat the diseases plaguing the world, from novel antibiotics to cures for malaria and tuberculosis.

  • unilever-takes-lead-in-co-creation

    Unilever Takes Lead in Co-Creation

    Oct 05, 2012 | In: News

    Consumer products giant Unilever has begun to use consumers as a source for insights and ideas for two of its top brands, Closeup and Pond’s. Together with Carrotmob Unilever co-creates sustainability campaigns. Read further how Unilever leverages the power of co-creation.

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    Better Collaboration Between the CIO and CMO to Reach the Digital Consumer

    Jul 06, 2012 | In: News

    This is the outcome of IBM’s new survey on the marketing industry. Chief marketing officers (CMO) and chief information officers (CIO) must join forces in order to connect with today’s consumer across new channels including mobile devices and social networks. Sixty percent of marketers point to their lack of alignment with the company’s IT department as the biggest obstacle to reaching today’s consumers.

  • NineSights

    NineSigma Launches Open Innovation Social Media Destination “NineSights”

    Jun 08, 2012 | In: News

    NineSigma launched yesterday the first open innovation social media destination which is free to innovation seekers and solution providers. NineSights is a secure and collaborative online community that connects innovators of all sizes with the resources and relationships needed to drive business value. The platform allows innovation seekers to post innovation needs and solution providers to submit proposals and post technologies and solutions that are “for sale.” NineSigma ensures quality on the site by vetting both seekers and providers.

  • big-data-digital-technologies-transform-businesses-lack-capabilities

    Big Data & Digital Technologies Transform Businesses but Lack Capabilities

    Jun 01, 2012 | In: News

    According to McKinsey’s first annual survey on the topic, most C-level executives say that the three key trends in digital business are big data and analytics, digital marketing and social-media tools, and the use of new delivery platforms such as cloud computing and mobility. These form the strategic priorities at their companies. However, they also report some tough challenges. Nearly half of respondents say their companies’ investments in digital initiatives are too small to deliver on their goals.

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    IBM CEO Study: Openness by Social Media Is Key Enabler to Organizational Success

    May 25, 2012 | In: Enabling Factors, News

    According to the IBM CEO study conducted amongst 1,700 CEOs from 64 countries and 18 sectors, Open CEOs’ identify openness enabled and supported by social media and technologies, as a major influence on their organization and its success. These organizations perform better because they are utilizing the collective intelligence, are more agile, able to act quickly to gain higher profitability and growth.

  • Call-to-Co-Create-the-Pan-European-Social-Media-Strategy

    Call to Co-Create the Pan-European Social Media Strategy

    May 11, 2012 | In: News

    The mission of this project is to support the EU Commission and the EU in general to help small & medium businesses, innovative entrepreneurs and the public sector to understand, adopt and leverage Social Media with the intention to more successfully grow their respective businesses, create additional jobs and better integrate government and population.


    Ideas Matter, a Worldwide Consortium Demonstrates the Benefits of IP

    May 04, 2012 | In: News

    On World IP day, April 26th, Ideas Matter, a newly-formed group of enterprises, SMEs and trade associations, was launched. The entity is dedicated to demonstrate the benefits of intellectual property (IP) for work and daily lives. Ideas Matter was formed by organisations across a wide range of sectors including: DSM, International Chamber of Commerce, International Trademark Association, Lundbeck, Microsoft , NBC-Universal, NL Octrooicentrum, Philips, SAP and Technicolor amongst others.

  • SusChem-innovation

    European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry Unveils Open Innovation Plan

    Apr 20, 2012 | In: News

    Europe boasts a world-leading chemical and biotechnology sector which will make a substantial impact on future growth and job creation. The European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem), a forum that unites industry and academia, announced plans to evolve into a Europe-wide network that captures the full benefit of Europe’s strengths in research and a well-connected network for innovation in the chemical and biotechnology value chain.

  • Green-Chemistry-Campus

    Open Chemical Innovation Centre “Green Chemistry Campus”: Accelerating Biobased Business

    Apr 06, 2012 | In: News

    September 2011, the Green Chemistry Campus has started on a small scale. The vision of the Campus is to become the open chemical innovation centre when it comes to biobased innovations. In a biobased economy, ‘green’ materials take over the role of fossil fuels like oil. The Green Chemistry Campus wants to be the driving force for this development: an environment where larger and smaller companies, knowledge institutes and the authorities work together in an open innovation structure, to develop new products and technologies, focusing on biobased materials, -chemicals and -coatings. A dynamo, so that the companies involved can accelerate making a profit from their biobased business and speed up the transition to a biobased economy.

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