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Frank Mattes, contributing editor, Germany. Frank is the founder and CEO of innovation-3, a leading Open Innovation catalyst. Frank has collected more than 15 years of experience in managing projects and innovation. He worked for specialized medium-sized national consulting companies as well as for The Boston Consulting Group. Additionally he was working at C-level for an eBusiness firm, an IT firm and a Professional services firm. He wrote several books, numerous articles and is a sought after speaker. More information about innovation-3 and Frank can be found at

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  • The saying or motto Change is Difficult 1

    The 7 principles of highly effective innovation culture change programs (Part 1)

    Jul 24, 2014 | In: Organization & Culture

    Nothing is more constant than change. Furthermore, the speed of change is accelerating. So for instance, the global knowledge is growing exponentially, disruptive megatrends (e.g. Internet Of Things, urbanization, demographic shifts) are shaping the innovation agendas and new approaches for capturing value by innovation (e.g. Business Model Innovation, Design Thinking) are becoming mainstream. Thus, new realities for innovation management are emerging and firms are forced to change their innovation management ever faster.

    One might assume that under the constant pressure to change firms have achieved a great deal of excellence in running corporate change initiatives. However, quite the opposite is true. A large study from 2013 showed that only 1 in 2 major change programs succeed.

    In this 2-part article series, innovation-3’s Frank Mattes shares his deep experience in designing and implementing innovation culture change initiatives. You will find ideas and inspiration about how your firm can increase the chances for success in changing innovation culture.

  • collaborative-innovation-two-worlds-become-one

    Collaborative Innovation Inside & Beyond the Firm – Two Worlds Become One

    Jun 26, 2013 | In: Enabling Factors

    This year, a very interesting trend in collaborative innovation can be observed in Central Europe: The once distinct concepts of “Enterprise 2.0” and “Open Innovation” are merging. Firms are taking a holistic view on collaborative innovation and put the question about whether collaborative innovation should happen primarily within the firm’s walls or with externals out of the focus.

  • Customer Integration in B2B Open Innovation

    Customer Integration in B2B Open Innovation

    Nov 12, 2012 | In: Strategies

    Today, almost any B2B firm claims to be “customer-oriented”. However, only few firms have a rigorous and stringent system that integrates the “best” (B2B) customers into its innovation process – where “best” in this context is measured not by volume of sales but by contribution to the firm’s innovation. A lot of insight has been generated on how to engage consumers in the innovation process. There is also a growing body of knowledge about how to innovate openly on the R&D side of the innovation process. But little has been written up so far about how to systematically integrate B2B customers in the firm’s Open Innovation system. innovation-3’s Frank Mattes closes this gap by sharing some insights.

  • moving-to-true-open-innovation

    Moving from “Open Innovation” to True Open Innovation

    Oct 08, 2012 | In: Strategies

    In the 10 years since Henry Chesbrough published his groundbreaking book on Open Innovation, a lot has happened. Almost any firm claims to do Open Innovation. However, if you look closely, most of the firms do not do true Open Innovation – they are merely running a multitude of open approaches to innovation. This article explains the fundamental differences between “Open Innovation” and true Open Innovation, provides data where firms are standing on their journey to true Open Innovation and gives some hints on what your firm should do in order to take the next step.

  • Core Competence Management in the Era of Open Innovation

    Core Competence Management in the Era of Open Innovation

    Jul 30, 2012 | In: Strategies

    “Core competences” are a major concept in managing innovations and technologies. In the era of Open Innovation, the established concept of core competence management needs to be updated. innovation-3’s Frank Mattes recently met with a group of 20 innovation / technology managers from leading firms to work out how this could be done – with the practitioner’s perspective in mind. In this article you will find the key results of the discussion.

  • different-strokes-different-open-innovation-folks

    Different Strokes for Different Open Innovation Folks

    Aug 31, 2011 | In: Column & Opinion

    Many firms discover in their search for unknown co-innovators that in different countries potential innovation partners react differently when they are approached by an Open Innovator. Frank Mattes looks at a recent study that may help shine light on the issue.

  • Pearlfinder-Beiersdorf-open-innovation

    Skin Care Giant Launches New Open Innovation Approach

    Jul 04, 2011 | In: Organization & Culture

    The skin care market is an interesting business to be in. Every single person on our planet is a potential customer and yet it takes a good deal of focus and expertise in every corporate function to become globally the number one. This is what Beiersdorf, the Hamburg (Germany) based champion in the skin care business has achieved with its Nivea brand. Innovation is a key ingredient in the success formula. InnovationManagement caught up with Martin Rudolph from Beiersdorf and discussed about innovation and in particular about the Open Innovation approaches Beiersdorf is taking.

  • IMAM2011-002-open-innovation-for-rd-frank-mattes

    How to Implement R&D-Driven Open Innovation

    Jun 22, 2011 | In: In-depth Articles

    Transforming your firm in R&D innovation approach from a closed to an open one promises huge benefits. Increased agility and effectiveness, lowered risk and revenue growth through new products are some of them. In this In-Depth Article Frank Mattes shows how a firm can find the best approach to R&D-driven Open Innovation (Outside-in) based on the insights from a number of projects in this space.

  • frank-piller

    Report from Integro Innovation Lab

    Oct 18, 2010 | In: Strategies was invited to participate in an innovation lab conducted by the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management (TIM), School of Business and Economics of the RWTH Aachen University. Read more to find out about their recent studies and key points from professor Frank Piller, globally acknowledged expert on user innovation and Open Innovation, mass customization and continuous/incremental vs discontinuous/radical innovation.

  • Which-software-is-right-for-Open-Innovation

    Which Software is Right for Open Innovation?

    Sep 27, 2010 | In: Life Cycle Processes

    This article discusses which software might be best suited to different Open Innovation (OI) approaches. The subject is of particular interest since, on the one hand there are more and more companies that are embracing OI, and on the other, there are multiple software solutions available in the market that have proven productive.

  • Keeping-a-constant-flow-of-innovations-at-BASF

    Keeping a Constant Flow of Innovations at BASF

    Aug 23, 2010 | In: Organization & Culture

    InnovationManagement recently spoke to Dr Thomas Weber, Managing Director of BASF’s Future Business, about what it takes for a large company to maintain a constant flow of innovation ideas and a spirit of enthusiasm to feed the pipeline.

  • Mannheimer Innovations Symposium

    Report from Mannheim Innovation Symposium

    May 10, 2010 | In: Strategies

    On 30 April, 2010, around 50 participants attended the Mannheim Innovation Symposium at the prestigious ZEW Centre for European Economical Research. One of ZEW’s responsibilities is to compile the official innovation statistics for Germany, for the German government. Read more in this report from Frank Mattes, our German editor.



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