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    Affordable Business Ventures for a New Entrepreneur

    Jan 15, 2019 | In: Strategies

    Some people are born with an adventurous entrepreneurial spirit. Others become entrepreneurs due to circumstance and chance. Regardless of the reason, being your own boss and making your own hours is alluring to just about everyone.

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    How to Improve Your Company’s Productivity

    Nov 29, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    Maintaining productivity and positivity in the workplace is an ongoing struggle for many businesses and employees. The grind of 9-to-5 life weighs on people and makes it hard to find excitement and motivation throughout the day.

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    Small Businesses can Overcome Financial Woes Through Innovation

    Nov 01, 2018 | In: Strategies

    Starting up a small business can be rough. Even if you possess near-infinite entrepreneurial spirit, chances are that you’ll run into some roadblocks along the way. Whether these obstacles are based in logistics of strategy and implementation of your business model, or even issues with the very products and services you offer, most of these problems can be solved with financial influx.

  • IMse - When Addiction Enters the Workplace

    When Addiction Enters the Workplace

    Aug 30, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    Addiction. In film and on television, it’s portrayed as an affliction for the streets — back alleys and dark parking lots are the places where addiction grows, not respectable downtown mansions or in high profile offices.

  • IMse - Employee Enrichment

    Crafting an Effective Employee Enrichment Program

    Jul 31, 2018 | In: Strategies

    Creating an employee enrichment program that actually lends itself to employees who are engaged is the backbone of a successful organization. A company can have the most innovative products and services under the sun, but if they do not also have employees who are supported and able to thrive, the company as a whole will wither.

  • IMse - Using Failure to Spur Innovation

    Using Failure to Spur Innovation

    Jun 26, 2018 | In: Strategies, Uncategorized

    It hurts to fail. The feeling of defeat can make even the hardest of workers feel worthless. It’s hard to face the reality that your work or dreams won’t live up to your expectations, and giving up might seem like the next step. However, failure teaches important lessons, and though it seems contradictory, it can often lead to success. Failure gives you the necessary experience you need to improve, but more importantly, it teaches you to get back up.

  • IMse - Blockchain

    Blockchain: The Innovation Healthcare Needs Most

    May 15, 2018 | In: Strategies

    In a world constantly changed by the digital transformation, one industry consistently lags behind all the rest: healthcare. For those within the field, it is open knowledge that while other industries are quick to adopt and implement novel technologies, in healthcare the change comes slowly.

  • 5 Effective Strategies for Motivating Employees

    5 Effective Strategies for Motivating Employees (That You May Not Have Considered)

    Apr 16, 2018 | In: Strategies

    There are literally thousands of articles on the internet giving advice on how to motivate employees — it’s not exactly the rarest of topics. However, this one is going to be a little different. I’m going to give you a list of five ways to motivate your employees that not only work, they’re also a little off the beaten path.

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    5 Reasons Employers Should Provide Good Health Benefits

    Mar 06, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    Good health benefits are one of the main make-or-break factors for a lot of people searching for companies to develop their careers in. The idea is that any reputable company will care enough about their employees to offer competitive health benefits, which is why this benefit is listed on job descriptions along with 401K plans and PTO.

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    10 Innovations That Will Make Your Business Greener

    Jan 31, 2018 | In: Organization & Culture

    More so now than ever, people are holding businesses accountable for the effect they have on the environment. With many areas experiencing the consequences of climate change, people are supporting companies with green initiatives. What can your business do to help the environment and your customer acquisition and retention? Here are 10 innovations that will make your business greener overall.

  • Cost of health care

    The FDA’s Digital Health Innovation Action Plan and Cybersecurity for Digital Healthcare

    Nov 27, 2017 | In: Strategies

    The number one issue for aging consumers is the lack of privacy related to sensitive medical information and other data that wearables like Fitbits and heart monitors bring without proper oversight. This is part of the reason for the FDA’s Digital Health Innovation Action Plan (DHIAP), which is meant to speed up the evaluation process for digital health technologies and allow the FDA to better focus on high-risk products.