Chris Sherwin

Chris Sherwin is Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell, the leading design the innovation consultancy, where he works on driving sustainability through innovation and new thinking. Chris has 15 years experience of working on environmentally and socially-driven innovation with companies like Akzo Nobel ICI Paints, PepsiCo, Unilever, P&G, Boots UK, O2, Tata Beverage Group, Interfaceflor, etc. Prior to Seymourpowell, Chris held sustainable innovation positions at leading sustainability advisors/think tank Forum for the Future plus worked inside Philips Electronics and Electrolux. He has lectured and presented widely on these subjects and holds a PhD titled ‘Innovative Ecodesign’ from Cranfield University.

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  • 5-ways-sustainable-innovation-differs-from-normal-innovation

    Five Ways Sustainable Innovation is Different from Normal Innovation

    Apr 18, 2017 | In: Enabling Factors, Strategies

    Today’s innovation rules were forged in a world that paid little attention to sustainability, where profit was separate from this higher purpose. Yet the disruptive nature of sustainability must surely change the way we innovate too. We must continue to reinvent our innovation processes to ensure it is fit for a changing world, in the five ways highlighted here.

  • three-hurdles-sustainable-innovation

    Three Hurdles to Sustainable Innovation

    Mar 15, 2017 | In: Column & Opinion, Enabling Factors

    Most people agree on the importance of sustainability in innovation, so why is it difficult to deliver? In this article, we’ll explore three hurdles to sustainable innovation: it’s often not considered by innovators themselves as they plan their projects; sustainability is not framed as an exciting and imaginative opportunity; and that sustainable innovation may not fit into a company’s ongoing processes.

  • unlocking-the-one-trillion-dollar-sustainable-innovation-opportunity

    Unlocking the One Trillion-Dollar Sustainable Innovation Opportunity

    Jan 12, 2017 | In: Life Cycle Processes, News

    Last week Unilever announced research showing that one-third of consumers now purchase its brands based on their good social and environmental performance, but went on to suggest that brands are missing an opportunity from not promoting sustainability effectively. Getting this right could unlock a further $1trn market opportunity for sustainability innovators.

  • 50-great-innovators-one-better-future

    50 Great Innovators, One Better Future

    Apr 05, 2012 | In: Enabling Factors

    Sustainability may still not be on the top of everyone’s priority list, but those who do take green action get results, and big ones. Chris Sherwin, Head of Sustainability at Seymourpowell, shares his reaction to this year’s Fast Company 50, where a few pleasantly surprising sustainability innovators could be found among the trend setters.

  • Time-to-front-up-on-green-how-innovation-managers-kick-start-sustainable-innovation

    Time to Front up On Green: How Innovation Managers Can Kick-Start Sustainable Innovation

    Mar 31, 2011 | In: Strategies

    Innovation management is a formative discipline and innovation managers have had their hands full with ideas management, design thinking, service innovation and many more new ideas. But sustainable innovation should be a key tool in any innovation manager’s skill-set, argues Chris Sherwin, sustainability expert at Forum for the Future.