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    You are a corporate manager or innovation leader looking to increase the probability of success for a new innovation strategy or business development effort. THNK provides you with the insights, tools and access to lead your innovation efforts to scale.


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    IAc is a concentrated and powerful learning experience that gives your employees the radically practical skills they need to generate transformational change and infuse a culture of innovation throughout your organization.

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    IAx has been created specifically for intra-organization teams. By working together, participants will get an infusion of fresh ideas and solutions to energize your organization and develop a common innovation language that fosters transformation in workplace culture.

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    Being Innovative (BI) helps you drive innovation in your organization more successfully – by providing insights into the lessons of successful innovators, and by highlighting the limitations of current managerial models in today’s world of constant change and uncertainty.

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    An online course that will teach you how to design, test, and build Business Models and Value Propositions based on the methodology practiced by the world’s leading organizations and ventures.

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  • IMD (Being Innovative)

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