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  • A great resource for knowledge management trends and info

    Oct 30, 2002 | By:

    I recently discovered the Synapshots: Citings for Knowledge Workers Weblog, which provides an impressive daily list of citings/abstracts of new articles, research studies and white papers on the hot topic of knowledge management. Because knowledge management involves, in part, the capture, storage and sharing of ideas within an organization, it also synopsizes a number of […]

  • Strategy: A portfolio approach to innovation

    Oct 28, 2002 | By:

    In his excellent book, Leading the Revolution, author Gary Hamel points out that most companies are extremely risk averse when it comes to developing and nurturing ideas and innovations. Too often, nascent ideas are strangled by corporate policies that tend to kill, rather than nurture, promising new ideas and business concepts. As an alternate approach, […]

  • Skills of the ‘information literate’

    Oct 25, 2002 | By:

    As business becomes increasingly based upon knowledge and ideas, it’s becoming more important for knowledge workers to become more “information literate” -– comfortable with continuous learning, creative thinking and problem-solving and who have the ability to synthesize diverse bits of information to form new insights and ideas. In his new book, “Content Critical,” author Gerry […]

  • Content Critical

    Oct 24, 2002 | By:

    I just started reading a book last week called “Content Critical,” by Gerry McGovern. Its main focus is on why organizations need to adopt standards for “publishing” their content to the Web. What does this book have to do with creativity and innovation? Here’s the connection: In the beginning of the book, McGovern explains that […]

  • Creative presentation of information

    Oct 21, 2002 | By:

    Between e-mail, telephones, faxes, pagers and the Web, most of us are constantly battlling information overload. We operate in a “fog” of information, where it’s often hard to discern key bits of information or important trends. Ambient, a wireless application provider, has come up with a highly creative solution: The Ambient Orb. The Orb is […]

  • E-newsletters: A great source for creative ideas, inspiration

    Oct 16, 2002 | By:

    For me, e-newsletters can be a great, ongoing source of ideas and inspiration. They illuminate new ideas, strategies and trends that I need to know about, and sometimes also remind me of timeless principles that I need to rethink. Here are some of my personal favorites: Mike’s List – Written by a former Windows Magazine […]

  • Need inspiration? Why not try an online creativity tool!

    Oct 14, 2002 | By:

    It seems that you can find just about anything on the Web these days. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that there are many online creativity and idea-generation tools out there that can help you to jump-start your creative muse. I’ve cataloged them on this page in the InnovationTools links directory for your convenience! […]

  • Roger von Oech’s new book

    | By:

    It appears that Roger von Oech (author of “A Whack on the Side of the Head” and “A Kick in the Seat of the Pants”) just published a new book last month: Expect the Unexpected or You Won’t Find It” In this new book, von Oech uses 30 of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ epigrams […]

  • Copernic introduces a new desktop metasearch tool

    Oct 11, 2002 | By:

    Earlier this week, Copernic Technologies introduced a totally new version of its desktop search software, now renamed Copernic Agent 6.0. It features a totally new user interface, along with dozens of new features. You can read a news release announcing this new software launch by clicking here. The Copernic Web site also contains an excellent, […]

  • Corel previews Grafigo for the Tablet PC

    Oct 08, 2002 | By:

    In a recent post, I discussed the pending introduction of Microsoft’s Tablet PC operating system. Well, it appears that applications optimized to realize the potential of this highly portable type of computing device are set to hit the market soon as well. At a conference last month in San Francisco, Corel Corporation previewed its new […]

  • Cool software for Mac users!

    Oct 07, 2002 | By:

    I just discovered several fascinating software programs for Mac users that can help you to organize your ideas and insights: OmniGraffle from The Omni Group has a really odd name, but looks like a very well-polished visual diagramming program — something like Inspiration or SmartDraw. The description on the company’s Web site indicates that the […]

  • Innovation in computer hardware

    Oct 04, 2002 | By:

    After years of faceless white, beige and black boxes, PC makers are putting out innovative designs for desktop and laptop computers like never before, according to the October 15 issue of PC Magazine. This issue’s cover story, entitled “Innovation in Design,” highlights the coolest PCs and notebooks with the most innovative functionality. Standouts include (of […]