Enterprise Innovation

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    Innovation strategy: To uncover great ideas, generate a large quantity of them

    Mar 09, 2004 | By:

    For almost every problem, there are multiple solutions that may solve the problem with varying degrees of effectiveness. In other words, in the real world, there is usually more than one “right” answer. Read on to learn how to get in the habit of uncovering the best possible solutions for your organization by generating a larger quantity of ideas.

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    Spark your creativity to boost your company’s bottom line

    Feb 26, 2004 | By:

    The start of an economic recovery is the perfect time to introduce new moneymaking ideas. Read this article by Robert B. Tucker to learn some practical steps you can take to turbocharge your organization’s creative juices today!

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    American manufacturers: It’s time to innovate or evaporate

    Feb 05, 2004 | By:

    When general interest publications like Time start doing articles on the dire state of American manufacturing, you know this has become a big issue. Can America’s manufacturing industry be saved? Robert B. Tucker thinks so, and explains why it

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    Innovation spectrum: The trouble with tribbles

    Jan 08, 2004 | By:

    Disruptive and sustaining innovation, the two types of organizational innovation identified by Clayton Christensen in his best-selling books, The Innovator’s Dilemma and The Innovator’s Solution, are powerful but somewhat fuzzy concepts. Read this article to learn why thinking in terms of a spectrum of innovation can help you to better understand how to implement change in your organization.

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    How to survive and make an impact as an innovation champion

    Nov 17, 2003 | By:

    How can you increase your odds of success, and make an impact as an innovation champion in your organization? This article offers six important insights that will help you to build the style differences of managers and leaders into your innovation plans and initiatives.

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    What is TRIZ and How can it be used in Problem Solving or Brainstorming?

    Oct 20, 2003 | By:

    TRIZ is a problem solving and brainstorming technique that has been growing in popularity, especially among design engineers. What is TRIZ, and why is it such a powerful tool for product development and other business applications?

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    World Creative Forum explores key questions about creativity in business

    Oct 10, 2003 | By:

    Some of the best and brightest minds in the field of creativity met in September at the World Creative Forum in London. They tackled some big questions: What is creativity, and how do you make it happen in your business? Read on to hear their thought-provoking answers and insights.

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    Presenting Innovation in a Way That Gets to ‘Yes’

    Oct 02, 2003 | By:

    As the global economy has improved and CEOs get past their hunker down/cut costs/survival mentality, the question of how to drive growth begins to dog them. But getting senior management to take action on innovation often needs a catalyst, and a solid strategy for getting them to say “yes” to innovation.

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    Selling your Ideas: A Critical Executive Skill

    Jul 15, 2003 | By:

    Building the buy-in for your ideas is a key determinant of your success, both inside and outside of your organization. How do your idea-selling skills stack up? Here are some tips on how to improve them!

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    Business Weblogs help companies collaborate, share ideas

    Mar 31, 2003 | By:

    Business Weblogs can help companies to share ideas and innovate in some powerful ways. Here’s an opportunity to get a jump-start in learning about and leveraging a competitive advantage from this valuable Web technology.

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    Seven Strategies for Generating Business Ideas

    Mar 11, 2003 | By:

    How do organizations come up with new ideas? And how do they use those ideas to create successful new products, services, businesses, and solutions? Author Robert Tucker outlines seven proven strategies for unearthing breakthrough business innovations.

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    Innovation: Creating the best practices of tomorrow

    | By:

    The best way to create value is to innovate your way ahead of the competition. You need to create temporary monopolies where yours is the only show in town. You can do this by harnessing the creative power of your greatest asset, your people. The goal is to turn them into opportunistic entrepreneurs who are constantly looking for new ways of doing business.

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    Sparking Growth Systematically: How to Turn Innovation into a Discipline

    Feb 12, 2003 | By:

    The long-term benefits that come from game-changing breakthroughs require work: unconventional methods of seeking out the unmet and unarticulated needs of customers, faster prototyping of ideas, new ways of funding ventures, and compensation systems that provide incentives to increase the revenue from new products and services. Author Robert Tucker explains three ways in which successful companies have overhauled their innovation processes.

  • Open Innovation Intermediaries: Are they valuable?

    Innovation Vanguard Firms Show the Way to Beating the Downturn

    Feb 10, 2003 | By:

    Could the current economic downturn actually be sparking an upturn in innovation? I see subtle signs of that happening. Anemic corporate growth, the bursting of the bubble economy, and the merger hangover are creating a unique, one-time opportunity for those of us who are advocates for and practitioners of systematic innovation.