Analogy Learning Program

Analogy Partners strengthen business models, helping companies better differentiate themselves versus the competition, using proven approaches derived from winning innovative strategies in other industries. Their focus is on helping companies increase competitiveness, find new ways to monetize existing assets, and improve margins.

Tune your business model to grow revenues and profits faster than your competitors

      1. Include “Business Model Review” as a New Year Resolution
        This article provides a unique and quick evaluation of one’s business model and identifies areas requiring specific tuning or repair to gain market share, revenue growth or increasing margins. It introduces the concept of the six-cornerstones of a business. Analogy provides an assessment tool based on the six-cornerstones to quantitatively assess each area of the business and provide an overall judgment as to the strength of the business. Once the areas of repair or focus are identified, the next step is developing Value Accelerators to repair the model. Analogy´s website is providing free downloadable ‘assessment card’ to support this article. Read article »
      2. How To Become A Business Model Architect
        Value Accelerators are the ideas, assets or strategies that work in a multitude of ways to bolster some aspect of your business. This article discusses how to develop, assess and prioritize value accelerators that will work to strengthen any deficiencies identified in one’s business model (identified from the previous article). Analogy´s website is providing a free downloadable ‘score card’ for evaluating value accelerators against the company’s Value generation and Value Capture ability. Read article »
      3. How to shock management into rethinking the business model – prove they can be blindsided by a Fingerprint
        Despite a detailed process with countless hours of work, and sincere efforts to take a longer-term, strategic look at where to play and how to win, many businesses fail to anticipate fundamental shifts that should cause them to rethink their entire business model. The results are often disastrous – too many businesses end up on life support. This article presents a new concept called “Competitive Fingerprints” that will allow readers to anticipate shifts and adapt their business model to capitalize on future market realities. Read article >>

About IM Learning Programs

Our goal is to facilitate an increased sharing of knowledge, best practices, tools and related resources among innovation practitioners and other professionals who want to bring the discipline of innovation to their organizations. Via our Learning Programs we provide insights, practical case studies, tools and training to fuel the participant’s innovation pipeline, business model, services and customer engagement.