Advertising guidelines & technical specifications provides banner ad space on a cost per impression (CPM) basis. CTR can vary from 0,10% to 0,50% depending on the following parameters:

  • Incentive on the banner
  • Banner design appeal
  • Initial brand awareness of the readership,
  • Synchronization with events/contents published on

We recommend linking creative materials to a free download (e.g. Whitepaper, Case study) in order to maximize CTR and deliver value.


Delivery of creative materials
All creative materials should be sent to [email protected]All creative materials should be delivered at least three business days prior to the launch of the campaign. If the creative is delayed, we cannot guarantee the start date and reserve the right to extend the campaign end-date by the same number of days the creative was delayed. All creatives are subject to approval and the publisher reserves the right to reject any creative that does not follow our published specifications.

Advertising information
Visit our Advertise page or email us at [email protected].

Responsive banner formats:

Type A – Leaderboard Type B – Medium Rectangle


Type Position Sizes Accepted file types Max size RAL fps (if Flash)
A Leaderboard 1) 728×90 px
2) 468×60 px
3) 320×50 px
4) 234×60 px
3rd party adtags .jpg/.gif/.png images with clickthrough URL, flash (see important note on flash implementation below)* 40KB 15 sec.


B Medium Rectangle 300 x 250 px 40KB 15 sec.


 Type A Leaderboard Sizes

Please note! Due to the responsive design of our website all leaderboard banners must be delivered in four distinct sizes. There are two options for mobile devices, please chose the size that best fits your banner design.

clickTAG for all Flash Banner Ads

When delivering a flash banner, please do not include any hard-coded links inside the banner. To be able to link and measure clicks on a flash banner a clickTAG must be included and only one per banner. When delivering the ad please specify to which URL each banner should link to.

To include a clickTAG create a button and add the following action to that button:on (release)

getURL (_root.clickTAG,”_blank”);

* All flash banners must be accompanied by a backup GIF+ click URL