A Failure to Communicate: How the Absence of Common Language Risks Your Digital Future

In this episode, we are joined by Michael Mueller, partner and co-founder of Acrea, an innovative management consultancy which focuses on helping companies thrive in the digital age. Michael started his career at McKinsey after which he went on to hold a number of senior IT management roles within the banking industry. More recently he has developed his entrepreneurial career by founding a startup B2B travel company.

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Listen to ‘A Failure to Communicate: How the Absence of Common Language Risks Your Digital Future’ with Michael Mueller

Michael Müller is an experienced digital business consultant, IT architect, security expert and entrepreneur. At Acrea, he has been leading various complex and innovative online business and digitalization projects. Furthermore, Michael has a proven track record in managing business-critical solutions and leading large-scale IT implementation programs. In one of his previous jobs Michael was part of the IT senior management of a large global bank. He knows about business and IT processes in large enterprises and how those companies can benefit from digital startup best practices.

Mark Bidwell has extensive experience catalyzing and driving change in a variety of marketing and leadership roles at market-leading companies such as BP Oil, The Hay Group, and Syngenta, where I lhe the creation and development of a $2bn Specialty Crops business unit. Mark’s initial exposure to disruptive innovation involved launching London’s first home-delivery supermarket, followed by introducing the first web-based consulting product to European clients in 1995, which formed the basis of a business that today generates revenues approaching $150m.

Through the innovation ecosystem show, Mark brings you key insights, fresh perspectives, and proven tools you can use straight away to make you more successful professionally and personally. For more information, please visit markbidwell.com or email [email protected]