Worldwide Campaign Brings Tech & Science Closer to People – an opportunity for tech projects

Attention innovators: here’s your chance to showcase tech & science projects and benefit from international promotion among a tech-oriented crowd, media, industry representatives and business professionals for free. The digital campaign, “Bringing tech&science closer to people,” carried out under the auspices of UNESCO, is here to celebrate innovators and inventors and the world-changing solutions they are working on.

Everyone can join

The campaign’s content is crowdsourced by individual tech owners, startups, companies working on innovative projects from the areas of Transport & Mobility, New materials & Manufacturing, IoT/IoE, Virtual Reality, Communication Technologies, Electronics, FinTech, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Energy & Fuels, and Security.

Tech owners can submit their projects via by the end of this month—the deadline is December 31st 2016. In  mid-January the best 250 projects will be published and the second phase of the campaign begins. It is focused on popularization of the projects among the press and professionals and consists of multiple digital events widening the reach of the campaign.

Creating opportunities for tech owners

The goal is to support easier knowledge exchange and build the network of doers & makers, where top-notch innovative projects from all over the world are boosted with more ideas, cooperation proposals, and business offers. “We create a global movement of doers&makers, a network of like-minded people, interested in expanding their horizons and reaching new markets,” explain Katarzyna Janocha and Marek Kotelnicki, Coordinators of the campaign.

Introduce your tech & science project to the market

The business aspect of a campaign is as significant as the educational one. All projects from among ten categories will be presented to industry organizations, chambers of commerce, investors, accelerators and many more. “For tech owners, participation in the campaign is a way to get international recognition of their work and accomplishments, but above all, to gain new opportunities for their project development or commercialization,” – they add.

By the people and for the people

The campaign is a joint initiative of the Centre for Innovation and Technology Commercialization Foundation (CIKT) and Internest, responsible for delivering the web platform for showcasing projects. It was already supported by over 50 local, national or international organizations like UNESCO, EuroScience, TechFounders, IAESTE etc. For more information, visit