Successful Techniques to Innovate Cheaply and Effectively – Get your Free Copy of Innovation Tools

The secret to innovating successfully is being able to test thousands of ideas and safely know you can do so without going broke. But how? With the low-risk innovation tools presented in the highly anticipated book by Dr. Evan Shellshear, you will learn the latest tricks and methods to run an effective innovation program in your organization.

After years of analyzing the most innovative companies in the world, Evan has finally distilled the best low-risk innovation techniques into a form anyone can use.

The book is full of interesting case studies and written in an accessible and engaging way. It tells the stories of innovative people and companies on their journeys to discover the best possible means to realize their goals. These stories encourage readers to take the tools presented in the book and put them into practice—discovering the next generation of enabling ideas. Ideas that will usher in a new wave of innovation techniques to differentiate thriving companies from the rest of the market.

From the 10th to the 14th of July the Kindle book is FREE. Get your copy!

After launching on Amazon on the 5th of July, Innovation Tools went to number one in all of its categories, it is the number one result on all Amazon sites globally when searching for the term “Innovation Tools” and it just broke the top 35 of ALL free Kindle books in Australia.

Readers will learn the best tools for a powerful innovation toolkit, including:

  • The ins and outs of crowdsourcing
  • How to leverage hackerspaces and develop your first prototype to launch your product
  • The best tricks for open innovation
  • The best kept innovation secret known as behavioral innovation
  • How access to free knowledge will catalyze your innovation agenda
  • The innovation services revolution driven by cloud computing
  • And the powerful virtuous innovation cycle which is supercharging innovation in all fields


The book is available right now as both a Kindle & paperback
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About the author

Co-Founder and director of AMFORCE, CEO of Simultek, Evan Shellshear has extensive international experiences in delivering high quality applied research results and innovation. He has delivered technical solutions to large multinationals around the globe. He is currently based in Australia.

You can reach Evan on @eshellshear and read his articles here >