Management Innovator Awards 2016

Why do the majority of organizations still apply management principles and practices invented 100 years ago? Moreover, the success stories of truly revolutionary companies that fit the requirements of a new era are not as acknowledged as they should be. We believe it’s high time to question outdated management dogma.

We believe that success stories of pioneering companies should be widely shared and spread. Not only for the sake of more profitable companies, but for more human business practices that contribute to the well-being of societies.

If you are one of today’s Management Innovators, then share your success story.

The aim of the Management Innovator Awards is to create an international platform for sharing and spreading real-life case studies of revolutionary management principles and practices in order to inspire the business community to take the courage and experiment new directions. Our mission is to question current management paradigms and to inspire leaders to experiment new leadership and management approaches that fit the requirements of a new era.

Looking for innovative managers

We are looking for innovators who believe in new principles and new practices that are not only focused on techniques of running a more profitable business but people who are also inspiring; people who base their work on the deep respect of human values and contribute to sustainable, ethical and socially responsible business behavior.

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We have a fantastic panel of judges with international innovation management experience

Let’s celebrate together in December

At the Awards ceremony in Budapest we will inspire and encourage others to discover new directions.

Organised by Society of Management Innovators in cooperation with Stamford Global.

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