Top Online Learning Management System Tools in 2016

The e-learning industry has tremendously evolved and is continuing to evolve year after year. It has become an industry grossing tens of billions of dollars. There are numerous online platforms which have utilized different learning management system tools to make education available to their remote students. The popularity of learning management systems is expected to continually grow, as various companies have realized the potential of these tools, which can be used to teach future employees about the business in a quick manner.

But, like in every industry that grosses billions of dollars, the competition is high. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular learning management system tools and what they offer to their users; so that you can find out which learning management system is right for you.


This business oriented learning management system was created with the intention of helping business owners who have to manage multiple locations. When higher management is absent, this learning management system is there to help out other employees by guiding them with instructions given by the owner of the company.

One of very interesting features of this learning management system is competency management. It is possible to evaluate students or employees in several different ways. The completion is there to make the user go through several courses to receive a certificate. Elective type courses make the user finish several selected courses out of many to achieve a certificate. These are only some of the features which make this LMS a very interesting choice.

A good thing is that any changes in the system are immediate due to the fact that the whole system is cloud-based. Additionally, it is a very user friendly and flexible system that requires no special training. As the tool is highly customizable, you can easily set it up in the way that fits you the best.


This platform was specifically created for course creation. It is perfect for the teaching environment as well as for business training needs. The platform is beautifully designed and extremely user friendly. This learning management system has all the tools necessary for the complete creation of a course, even some measurement tools that evaluate the success of the course. It is great for perfecting employees’ knowledge and skills.

One of key features is a beautiful course builder which easily enables the user to create a course. Additionally, group management is there to help anyone easily assign students to specific courses, turning course organization into a more simple process. Incredible statistics analyzing content is included in the LMS.


This platform is very popular due to the fact that it is open source. It is a solution chosen by a great number of educators because of its customizability and security. It is used by universities around the globe, as the platform is extremely scalable. It is constantly being developed by a great number of developers. The fact that it is open source indicates that its features are yet to be improved, as the whole platform is supported by users and developers.


ProProfs learning platform is a great platform with a variety of features useful for different users. It boasts features such as a course creator, a feedback tool capable of creating polls and surveys and the ability to create flash cards. Additionally it is possible to create quizzes, training and even knowledge base page. The live chat feature makes communication much easier and instantaneous. It is perfect for any teaching environment, including employee training. The software is used by a great number of people and businesses due to the fact that it is very affordable, making it a really reliable option that is inexpensive.

Oracle Taleo

This software was envisioned for assessing a user’s eligibility for a company. It is incredibly reliable with a variety of options created to make hiring people as easy as possible. It uses the preset settings and eliminates people who do not meet requirements for the working position. This software can also be used for classifying students into categories by their exam results. There are separate solutions for enterprise and small business. With a variety of options this is a very flexible piece of software, which is no surprise, since it comes from Oracle.


This is another platform with incredible course creation capabilities. It was specially developed for a workforce. The vast amount of features makes this a great choice for all the big companies out there. Due to the fact that this is another cloud-based solution, it can be concluded that this is a modern platform that supports numerous settings. The pre-created templates are there to reduce the workload and help you deliver content in a much faster manner.

The growth edition is perfect for business owners who count 250 or less employees. It is a perfect LMS edition for establishing stable growth of the employees’ knowledge and skill.

A big plus is that the system is also mobile compatible, making it accessible from the highly popular smartphone and tablet devices. This can be great refreshment for a big company that requires a good learning management system.


This is a very interesting platform, as it is capable of using already created documents, videos or any other materials you have previously created. It is a web-based solution equipped with a very rich online editor. This system is extremely rich when it comes to dynamic reporting and it will regularly update you with how well your employees or students are attending and finishing their course-related obligations.

A good thing is that this platform is integrated with huge enterprise apps like Google Apps and Yammer. Features such as collaboration make this a very good solution for people who want to work and learn simultaneously. Analytics are also present in this software solution, making it efficient in analysing an employee’s learning progress. Overall, a very useful platform capable of creating any type of course you have envisioned.


This is an interesting solution created for busy people who want already created courses personalized for their business needs. The majority of courses are oriented towards educating your employees about safety in their workplace. The company boasts nearly 1000 courses that they can offer for your employees.

Additionally, if there is no course in their library that you actually need, the platform creators have a team of highly trained personnel who are capable of creating any type of course that you might need. Overall, the moto of the platform is that everything should be as easy as possible, which is why they have decided to create a platform suitable for most businesses’ needs.


This platform is specialized for driving teams of employees forward and creating progress for the entire business. The company designed this platform to increase employee engagement and thus raise the profits.

The customization of the platform and integration with other popular applications and social
networks make this learning management system easy to use.

The company boasts that its platform is used by over 2300 organizations, many of which are Fortune 500’s. This high number accounts for over a quarter of a million employees, showing how serious the company is.


Last but not least, this is an incredible platform created for use in educational institutions. A great number of schools and universities have decided to use this platform due to its elegant design, user friendliness and ease of use. It is also mobile friendly and accessible on the web. There are numerous options available, one of which is hosting your own consultation hours when students can directly contact you. Another feature which greatly stands out is the complexity and the amount of details available for anyone who partakes a course or series of courses. With this amount of data, it is possible to track progress in great details.

This and other possibilities have made this software very useful for many people around the globe and their goal is to continue improving their platform to help students and teachers easily acquire a better education.

These are some of the most popular and widely used learning management system tools. Organizing the whole teaching process can be quite tiresome, but with the help of these types of platforms, it has become much easier for everyone to acquire new skills, knowledge, experience and further their education.

So, whether you need a good way of training your employees or helping your students achieve better results, these platforms are there to help you. Some are free, some come at a price, no matter what choice you make, it is certain that it is a valuable investment because knowledge is power.

By Kamy Anderson

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Kamy Anderson is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of corporate training and education. He has 7+ years of experience working with ProProfs learning management system and other eLearning authoring tools, which has given him a hands-on experience of the latest course authoring software and an exclusive insight into the eLearning industry.

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