IMD Offers a New Online Course to Develop Your Strategic Leadership Skills

Being Innovative from IMD is designed for executives who need to fulfill the role of strategic leader in a time of great turbulence, specifically leaders who are struggling to think strategically in a fast moving world and who need to find innovative solutions to new and evolving scenarios.

Do you find that tried and tested managerial models are no longer applicable to the situation you face?

In a world where all the familiar secure bases of managerial practices are up for grabs – no more sustainable competitive advantages, no more clearly defined industry boundaries, no more reliable value chain partnerships, assets borrowed rather than owned – discovery-driven growth is fast becoming the new norm. In such a world, the need to be innovative has never been more crucial.

Being innovative (BI) helps you drive innovation in your organization more successfully – by providing insights into the lessons of successful innovators,
and by highlighting the limitations of current managerial models in today’s world
of constant change and uncertainty.

Learning Framework

It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, changed my habits and my perspective about innovation, consumers & strategy. It has prepared me to face the “new reality” of constant change.

This eight-week digital program begins with an examination of current business models and their limitations when applied to today’s evolving environment. As the learning journey progresses, you will be confronted with a variety of insights concerning where innovation comes from; how you can tap into the future today; strategies for giving a good idea a good chance and how you can foster and nurture a culture of innovation within your team. You will be challenged to test your assumptions and open yourself up to new ways of thinking and acting with respect to your strategic thinking.

Individual assignments, virtual group work, case studies, video summaries,
personalized feedback from your program coach, exchanges with leaders from
across the globe and peer reviews – are all combined to stimulate your thinking,
unlock new insights, change habits, and firmly embed the learning in your
specific business context.

Gain IMD Certification

The program requires approximately 2-4 hours work per week during an eight-week period. It is intensive and demanding, and is designed to stretch your thinking. Successful and timely completion of the weekly assignments and summative action learning assessment at the end of the program will lead to IMD certification. Learn more here >

Get started

I never thought 2 months of course would have such an impact on the way I think, work and approach problems.

Start your journey to become more innovative by filling out this simple
application form. Our Program Advisor will assist you in the application
process. The course runs from October 24, 2014 to December 19, 2014
(8 weeks). You will finish the year with new innovative ideas to apply
to your current and future business challenges.


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