Explore the HYPE GO! Ready Concept

This IM Channel One Concept Presentation features Colin Nelson, Director of Strategic Innovation and Dr. Christian Hagemeier, Director SAAS Business at HYPE Innovation as they explain more about the importance of innovation platforms and offer a sneak-peak at the newly developed HYPE GO! Ready user portal.

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HYPE GO! Ready is an exclusive 12-week program that offers participants access to innovation software HYPE GO!, a state-of-the-art user-portal as well as professional training and coaching sessions. The outcome? Your own idea campaign focused on your key business opportunity. The online training concept was developed by HYPE Innovation in collaboration with InnovationManagement.se.

Irrespective of your industry sector or whether you have 50 or 500,000 employees, innovation is now a core competency for all companies seeking to grow and improve. To innovate at greater speeds, and with more potency, a company must seek to engage its resources with the aim of generating broader insights and opinions; after all, diversity is key to innovation.

Naturally, an application is crucial to increasing the scale of one’s innovation program, and ensure everyone collaborate no matter their location; yet to maintain an effective process, HYPE’s experience demonstrates that we need to learn how to manage and motivate a diverse group or community in a sustainable and consistent way.Therefore, HYPE have introduced an online training program to help business leaders tap into the collective insight of their chosen target community with focused questions, built upon best practices and tailored for rapid innovation to unlock your innovation potential.

With a sound process and platform in place, collaborative innovation can flourish in your organization

HYPE GO! Ready is a 3-month program to get you up to speed on innovation management, enabling you to execute your own idea campaigns in the HYPE GO! tool. For the specific purpose of the training, the HYPE development team has implemented a dedicated portal to manage all activities around the learning experience – a portal whose functionality and user-friendliness are very high.

Participants will be able to download, for example, all supporting materials used by the presenter, browse links to further reading, view videos of past live sessions and follow their progress meter, etc. There is also an option to book one’s “Ask the trainer” sessions directly on the portal. In addition, the portal will also act as a collection point for all submission and feedback connected to homework/ assignments and there will be a chance to join a closed, high-quality expert exchange platform for participants we call the Forum. The Forum will be an excellent knowledge-sharing hub as it will bring together participants in the training both old and new.