New Report Mapping the Innovation Management Service Industry

Innovation is becoming more and more of a prerequisite for any company’s survival - yet it is not always easy to innovate. This is where innovation management service providers come to the rescue by providing services such as IT solutions for collaborative platforms, IT services for open innovation solutions, management consulting or training and education programs. is currently conducting a study that takes a closer look at this market, its stakeholders, governing trends and future potential.

The market for innovation management services is still growing and previous reports have even signaled it to be an “immature market”. However, the existing software tools designed for innovation management are thought to be accomplished, “mature” IT tools.

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Currently our research team is conducting a worldwide study to map the innovation management service industry.

If you are an innovation management service provider please click here to take our five minute survey! founder Lars Andersson underlines:

“As this is a young market with numerous stakeholders, both established ones – the incumbents – as well as newer organizations wanting to tap into the expansion, we realise the growing demand for more reliable knowledge about it. Our Executive Market Report will take a closer look at the players in the aforementioned market and their future potential to become leading innovation management service providers, as well as trends governing these shifts”

The target audience for this Executive Market Report consists mainly of its analysed players, as the public information available about innovation management service providers’ market shares and exact positioning on the market is often insufficient or unavailable. In addition to this group, customers seeking innovation management assistance as well as other existing or prospective stakeholders may find valuable information in the Report.

Ms. Ioana Stefan, Marketing Research Consultant and responsible for the Study, concludes:

“In the analysis we will also discuss the identified trends and the reasons behind successes and failures as well as growing/ decreasing market shares and turnovers.”

The report will be released by in early November.

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