GO! for Collaborative Innovation on Demand

Innovation platforms that not only help to collect ideas but also to enrich, review and select the most promising ones are no longer only subject to large organizations. HYPE GO! is an on-demand, campaign-driven software for collaborative innovation that gets you started with your innovation initiative right away.

Collecting ideas for finding innovative solutions to a wide range of business needs is a growing demand in companies of different sizes and industries. The market provides a range of platforms to support enterprise innovation management. Many of these tools help organizations to bring together thousands of contributors in an online space, whether for enterprise-wide innovation or even beyond in open innovation programs. These platforms are typically designed to meet complex corporate IT requirements, and are able to mirror sophisticated workflows for end-to-end processes.

Smaller organizations, single departments or teams, prioritize differently when it comes to requirements for deploying business software.

Smaller organizations, single departments or teams, prioritize differently when it comes to requirements for deploying business software. Quick setup, ease-of-use and a manageable price tag are of most importance here. HYPE GO! is the new product offering from HYPE Innovation that is specially targeted at those customer groups and designed to meet these requirements, yet offering a complete, campaign-driven collaborative innovation platform.

While many ideation tools and services are available on the market, most are simply online versions of the classic suggestion box, which only focus on idea capturing. Achieving real business results with those is a slow and difficult process. HYPE GO! Is the first tool, that solves all business challenges of collaborative innovation and not only the obvious part of idea collection.

Based on the knowledge gained in over a decade of projects for global innovation leaders, HYPE’s broad know-how in running successful innovation programs is embedded throughout HYPE GO! Wizards, tool tips and help texts offer assistance and guidance in helping your innovation program to succeed.

HYPE GO! comes with a wide set-of features, including:

  • Focused Idea Campaigns – Run multiple, topic-focused calls for ideas in parallel which are aligned with your business needs and innovation strategy.
  • Target audience – Users can be invited per campaign and notifications sent via e-mail at different phases of the campaign to keep users informed and engaged.
  • Social Features – Features such as the activity stream, voting, commenting and user-recommendations motivate users to participate.
  • Informed and Easy Decision-Making – Involve relevant experts and stakeholders into the configurable review sessions with custom review criteria to manage complex decisions efficiently and select the most promising ideas.
  • KPI Dashboard – Automatically generated reports allow you to monitor your platform activity and the success of your campaigns.

The versatile collaboration platform can be used for various purposes and in different organizational setups

The versatile collaboration platform can be used for various purposes and in different organizational setups, such as:

New Product Development – Involve colleagues from all departments to create and discuss new product ideas, collect feedback on concepts, and evolve them into full-blown business cases.

Process and Efficiency ImprovementsUse HYPE GO! to collect ideas for improving the efficiency, quality, and speed of your daily operations.

Co-Creation with Customers & Suppliers – Invite customers and suppliers to your innovation program and make use of their specific insights for your business.

Fostering Collaboration – Open up strategic and tactical discussions to the whole organization, identify talent and make collaborative innovation a cornerstone of your company’s culture.

Gathering Consumer InsightsAddress your sales colleagues and other customer- oriented departments to discover unmet needs and new ways to satisfy your clients’ demands.

Discovering Opportunities – Employ HYPE GO! to discover new opportunities to reduce risks, find out about new potential business fields, or spot new trends that might affect your operations.

How to get started with your innovation initiative

HYPE GO! Specifications

  • Software-as-a-service – Register now and have your own instance created for you immediately.
  • Low technical requirements–The web-based software only requires an internet connection and a current browser version.
  • User management – Users can be granted access by domain and/or invited individually.
  • Hosting – ISO 27001-certified information security management, EuroCloud Star Audit SaaS certified, eco Star Audit certified.
  • Own your data – All generated content can be easily exported for usage outside the platform.
  • Compatible to HYPE Enterprise – If you decide to upgrade to HYPE’s flagship product, HYPE Enterprise, all data and users can be migrated for you.


HYPE offers a free, one week trial of HYPE GO! with all features and an unlimited number of users. After that, the following pricing scheme comes into effect:

  • 1st to 150th User – 6.99 $ per user, per month
  • 151st to 300th User – 4.99 $ per user, per month
  • 301st to 700th User – 2.99 $ per user, per month
  • More than 700 Users – Contact HYPE for pricing info

Evolving through Training

HYPE Innovation offers a training program in partnership with InnovationManagement.se.

In partnership with InnovationManagement.se, HYPE Innovation offers a training program called HYPE GO Ready starting in November 2013. It is specifically designed to help small to medium sized companies learn about innovation management and how to foster a sustainable innovation culture. The ten-week online course is structured around the HYPE GO! tool, so that everything you learn can be implemented right away.

Interested in HYPE GO!? Click here to register for your free, one-week trial!

For more information on the HYPE GO Ready training program, please write to
[email protected].