Improve Innovation Management Capabilities, Create a Better World – and Improve Your Bottom Line

Innovation is not just “nice to have” any longer – it is a “must have” to be able to develop your business and not only survive but to thrive. In this context there is a huge need for more knowledge and better cooperation. After five years in the industry we have seen this need first-hand and it guides the services we offer to our users. The latest feature at is the new and improved Resource Directory. We hope that innovation management service providers use this directory to tell the world about their offers – through which they can contribute to better innovation practices and the end result - a better world!

Five years ago I created as an online magazine focusing on sharing content related to the field of innovation management and how to improve your innovation capabilities.

Looking back I understand how early this initiative was from a timing perspective, since the discipline of innovation management is still very new. Today many businesses still do not treat innovation like any other management discipline, such as marketing management, financial management, etc.

In 2018, when I look back after another five years, I´m convinced that I will discover the very same thing that I do today. In other words; there will still be a lot of talk about innovation and the importance of it – but a very few companies that are actually walking the talk. According to my experience the number of companies that are treating innovation management as any other recognized discipline, giving it the same respect and budget allocation as any other business critical areas (production, finance, marketing, etc.) is still almost nonexistent, with a very few exceptions.

Only in Europe there are 22 million SMEs (small / medium sized companies) and I would say that less than 100 of these have a professional and established process and structure for how to manage innovation.

Question: What is the first thing a company needs to be able to develop their innovation management?

Answer: They need to find the appropriate help available to them. First, what products, consulting and training options will best fit their needs? And second, which products and services are available in their area?

In our experience, finding the above; i.e. “what kind of help/ service is available and where can I find it can be difficult and time consuming. This is also confirmed in the mounting number of enquiries we get from our readers and visitors regarding where to find such reliable providers of innovation management consulting, innovation software & tools, innovation training and education, etc. As well as what kinds of services certain markets/ geographical areas have to offer. This is the rationale behind us now launching a worldwide resource directory dedicated to the field if innovation management.

This is a resource directory where you, as a seeker of information & help can find both different types of service providers within different categories, as well as in what locations these are available. Some service providers might also be offering you the possibility to request more information via a custom made form.

As a service provider you get the opportunity to reach out to nearly 100.000 unique monthly visitors looking for reliable suppliers of innovation management related services. The directory is great place for your company to get high quality sales leads.You have three choices to list your company:

  1. The Branding & Lead Capture Account - the most powerful option including full access to all features such as multiple lead capturing opportunities, exposure and branding via banner ads, and much more. Due to limitation on inventory, we can offer maximum 40 such accounts, so don´t miss out!
  2. The Lead Capture Account – individual presentation page, lead capturing opportunities and much more.
  3. The Basic Listing Account – the most basic option allowing you to share a few things about your organization with the community via a very brief description.

As always, when something new is created, it will start as very small and will grow into something bigger. So if you visit the resource directory today you will find very few entries. My vision and conviction is that before the end of 2013 the resource directory will have at least 1000 companies listed, representing 50 % of the countries of the world.

To all of you who have products or services to offer, could be as consultants, providers of training & education, open innovation platforms, software and tools, etc., I would like to extend an invitation and hope you will support our initiative by clicking here to learn more about the offer and to get listed.

We at have shown our commitment and willingness to contribute by creating this new and improved resource directory as well as introducing an offer we hope you, as a service provider, can’t refuse. Together we can build and grow the directory and hopefully contribute to a better world by spreading and sharing information on how to improve innovation capabilities to the world.

If you have any questions or want to learn more, please send a mail to me at [email protected] or contact me through Skype at larspercy.

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