How to Manage Innovation in a Global and Open World

For many European managers of R&D and Innovation Management numerous challenges arise: How can companies be globally efficient and locally effective at the same time? This is the focus of an upcoming symposium gathering leading experts in R&D.

Other challenges that needs addressing are; How to seize opportunities for innovation in emerging markets such as China and India? In what way are decentralized R&D teams to be energized towards a common goal?

Is your company fit for tomorrow’s market?

Industrial innovation as a creative value creation process has become more global, more interactive and more open than ever. European companies invest overall more than 30% of their R&D expenses abroad in centers for excellence. What does that mean for your company? First of all it means that we all have to really try hard not to loose track of what is happening right now in other parts of the world.

The symposium “Global R&D 2013” gathers leading experts in R&D

For all those who would like to find out if their company is fit for the future there is a place to discuss the upcoming trends. The international conference “Global R&D 2013” (Düsseldorf/Germany, 5-6 June 2013) gathers the leading experts in the field of innovation management and R&D in an inspiring atmosphere. There will be top-class international keynotes (e. g. from Procter and Gamble/UK; Yahoo!/India; SKF/China; Dow Chemicals/Spain) and plenty of room for discussion and networking.
For more information and registration please visit “Global R&D 2013”.

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