, A Stunning Wall in Which to Grow Ideas Together is a new web-based application that lets you create your own virtual bulletin board, posting and arranging inspiring images, notes and more to spur your imagination. It also enables small teams to collaborate on murals, bringing a new dimension to team creativity. In this review, the author explains how works.

Brainstorming facilitators have used images ripped from magazines and other sources for years as tools to spur group creativity. That’s because images convey a wealth of potential meanings and interpretations, and are therefore much more evocative than words alone. Brainstorming session participants are often asked to create murals, collections of images attached to a board that express their ideas about the challenge at hand., a new online service, brings this model to the web.

When you login to this website, you get a page just for you where you can insert images, text, cartoons, special adhesives, change the background and many other options that you will find in the left column. The real peculiarity of is the ability to drag any content you find on the web into your workspace.

If, for example, you want to take a picture on wall, just click it with the mouse and move it on the wall. Same goes for photos and even articles. The item is placed in a square, which can be moved and resized as needed. The mural can be easily shared on the major social networks.

Inviting others to collaborate on your murals is easy, too. has a lot of potential for creative teams to stimulate ideas, improve and organize them – all within a rich interface that encourages experimentation.

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