Need an Idea? Try Reinventing the Obvious

Managers wanting to bring innovation inside their companies tend to prioritize the creation of newfangled products. Though the benefit of breakthrough innovations is out of question, SME leaders should not fail to consider that some of the best opportunities often exist in those things that we all take for granted. Restaurants are a perfect example.

How many people around the globe get their meal, eat, and then wait for the credit card server to pay for it? Even though we all are used to the process, there are several reasons why a renewed system could benefit both restaurants and clients. The next case clearly exemplifies how SMEs can use typical products or processes failing to provide valuable offerings, as a mean to come up with outstanding solutions.

The Problem – The usual payment process in restaurants not only implies credit card security issues, but it also means that the customer experience is almost completely restricted to the customer-waitstaff interaction, which gives managers little or no opportunity to learn of problems.

The Solution – Joe Snell and Andy Pope co-founders of Viableware recognized such situation and worked to develop a better approach. Viableware offers a payment system with a secure framework and additional advantages for a full-service restaurant. The portable payment stations handle the entire transaction without holding credit card data. Customers can get details of the meal, ask for the receipt to be emailed, split the check into various credit cards and even display an ad to survey the dining experience.

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