How to Deal with the Top 5 Creativity Roadblocks

Whether it is designs, models or products, creativity is clearly the pillar of everything new. Hence, for those holding the skill of foreseeing innovative outlooks nothing should get in the way. Unfortunately, things often do interfere and diminishing your personnel's creative potential. This article outlines the most common creativity roadblocks and illustrates how to deal with them.

Creativity is an incredible skill that often sparks innovation. Unfortunately, traits as self-doubt, noise, cynic and traditionalist individuals and procrastination of deadlines get in the way more often than desired. The following article provides a summary of how these creativity barriers hinder employees’ ability to transform ideas into real innovations:

  • Self-Doubt. Fearing that our ideas will be rejected prevents us from sharing them with other people. How do you deal? Embrace the fear; a creative idea or product only succeeds with cooperation, with testing.
  • Noise. No great idea can arise while you are reading a tweet, answering an email or texting. How to deal with this? Keep open only what you need and turn everything else off. Next, find your quiet space to look out the window and think. The noise won’t stop unless you make it.
  • The Cynics and Traditionalists. They exist everywhere. The traditionalists are trapped in their ways and solve every problem with a standard process. How to cope? Listen to some of their ideas and then cut them out. Nothing’s wrong with a devil’s advocate, but something is very wrong with a total pessimist.
  • Procrastination of Deadlines. In today’s environment things must be finished quickly and right from the first trial. Therefore you will need all the available time you can het your hands on. How do you deal? Create a to-do list for the day and follow it.

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