The New Recipe for Workforce Innovation

To cook up greater creativity, leaders need to update their approach to collaboration, compensation and culture. The new recipe: Lay a base of trust. Mix risk-taking with job security. Subtract strict chains of command and barriers to ideas. Add professional development. Reward excellence in routine activities and efforts to find breakthroughs. Openly discuss failure.

Interviews with innovation practitioners at numerous corporations shed light on the changes that they are making to their cultures to grow innovation. Among the strategies cited are these:

  • Build confidence in employees that leaders will make good on their promises and will be recognize, not ostracized, for taking risks
  • Hire the right talent and maintain high performance standards
  • Make your innovation ambition abundantly clear to employees in your communication with them
  • Provide forums for people’s ideas to be heard, no matter what the source
  • Show failure as a learning experience
  • Provide managers with professional development focused on innovation
  • Reward and recognize employees who contribute successful ideas

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